The Slow Painful Death of a Conservative Website

Well things have gotten ugly over at Cam's site (which I will no longer link to). What is happening at Cam's is indicative of what will happen to the Republican party if they don't change their ways. A feeling of moral superiority has led to a culture of arrogance. Arrogance begats infallibility. Infallibility leads to corruption. Corruption makes way for revolt.

Cam has allowed a few people to hijack his site. He let Farrah continue to write for him even after she was exposed here as a liar. His refusal to hold her accountable or to even acknowledge that a fraud took place abetted by his site makes him as responsible for the lie as she is. He has also allowed Kevin, a notorious loudmouth moron, to run off most of his regular posters. Even the most even tempered and politically impartial have felt the psychotic rambling wrath of Norman's most impotent driving school instructor. Longtime members of Cam's site have begged him to hold Kevin accountable and he has refused. In doing so, he has lost his core. His site, which once posted hundreds of comments a day, has dwindled to 3 or 4 comments by the same 3 or 4 people.

I used to like Cam and was a guest once on his show in OKC. He seemed like a good guy. I don't like him anymore. He has become an arrogant prick who has abandoned his longtime friends in favor of his partisan political mission. He has become a believer in his own propoganda. Imitating the Bush administration by surrounding himself with sycophants and yes men/women who give him gifts from his ridiculous wish list to stay in his good favor and then expect his unwaivering support especially when they are wrong (what kind of arrogance does it take to beg for gifts and actually accept them from complete strangers?).

NRA radio (Cam's current employer), in my opinion, was a yearlong partisan political advertisement that has achieved it's goal. I wouldn't be surprised if the NRA gradually faded the longest infomercial in history into oblivion.

I have been personally attacked for pointing out the lies and hypocrisy of the right wing (especially on his site). I have been called a traitor, liar, stalker, psycho, America hater, terrorist, socialist and many many other names. No one has ever proved any of these things because they are not true. If I make a claim here it is true. If I post my opinion or a parody then I leave it up to my informed readers to tell the difference. If I make a mistake or I am wrong, I admit it. That is the difference between much of the left and most of the right. Accountablility.

So to Cam I bid you adieu (I know how much the rightwing hates french). My short term hope for you is failure and unemployment. My long term hope is that you learn something from your mistakes and someday use your talent for something more useful than being a tool for the rightwing propoganda machine.

To Cam's disenfranchised readers, I welcome you here and hope you will stay and add some of the intellectual and insightfull comments which made Cam's such a vibrant and entertaining place. I love to debate and welcome all political ideas as long as they are argued with intellect and not vitriol (but I occassionally enjoy a little gutterfight).

To Kevin, I am still awaiting your instructions on when and where to deliver your signed copy of "Why Bush will Lose in November". You really seemed to want it, until I offered to bring it to you. What's the matter Kevin, not scared of a little old socialist, American hating, anti-Christian, traitoruous, homosexual loving liberal are you?

Here are some of Cam's old posters who have sites that are far superior and portray many different political ideals in rational truthful forums (100% Kevin Free):

Homer's Brain
Smack My Booty
Have Spacesuit Will Travel

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