Small Town Elementary School Nearly Destroys Christianity

The evil secular pagans in charge of Lakehoma Elementary School in the center of Wiccan and Heathen worship, Mustang Oklahoma, nearly destroyed Christianity, the 2000 year old religion by removing portions of a 5th grade play that included a nativity scene and the song "Silent Night".

The complete dismantling of the billion member plus religion began when satanic Superintendent, Karl Springer and schoolboard attorneys, decided to remove the Christian references in the annual school play, elements which portrayed Christianity as the one true religion.

The Pope and Billy Graham could not be reached for comment (they were presumably in heavy prayer and meditation trying to save the religion and spare Mustang and the world the wrath of God...again).

There have been unconfirmed reports that the play did include witches, Jews, and black people (Kwaanza-ites) portrayed by fifth graders intent on turning their classmates into Godless Pagans.

Despite the fact that there will be hundreds of thousands of Christ oriented productions at churches, schools and community theaters across this nation in the next few weeks, this one incident shook the very foundations of Christianity to it's unstable core.


Apparently, to save Christianity and Christmas, the song "Silent Night" was restored to the play. Christianity was saved once again by the grace of God and the fifth grade daughter of Shelley Lewallen.

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