Telemarketers Fight Back

I hate telemarketers. I think it is one of the worst jobs to do but I have lost my empathy for the poor suckers doing it. I had one get snippy with me the other night when, after being offered his terrific deal on travel, I said I wasn't interested. I told him twice I wasn't interested and on the third time, I asked to speak to his boss. He hung up on me after making a smartass comment.

A lady in Detroit has recieved the next level of telemarketer rage. She was sent a threatening letter after hanging up on one.

Jill Beyer, of Waterford Township, Mich., said she received the letter about one week after she refused to donate money in a recent call from a telemarketer.

"He wanted a donation for the veterans' association, which the veterans don't get that much of that money. That's why I wouldn't donate to him," Beyer said.

The letter arrived postmarked from El Paso, Texas.

Here is the full text:

Jill Beyer,

Before you are rude to another telemarketer, you should keep in mind that he or she has your phone number and your address.

Many of them live in your own state and most don't give a fuck!

So, Ms. Beyer, the next time a telemarketer calls and you don't want to be bothered, a simple "not interested" will do.

Your son or daughter or next-door neighbor's daughter could very well be a telemarketer. A handicapped, wheelchair-bound person could be a telemarketer. A biker or ex-con is more likely to be a telemarketer. You really, really shouldn't fuck with them!

As they say in the telemarketing industry, "Have a good day Ms. Beyer!"

From KCRA Channel 3

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