Why Did Kerik Bow Out?

Bernard Kerik
, the hard charging New York City Cop with the tough guy persona, abruptly withdrew his nomination for the head of the Homeland Security Department on Friday. Kerik, who was abandoned by his drug addicted prostitute mother as a child, rose to prominence in New York as a street cop, undercover detective, bodyguard of Rudy Guilliani, Prison administrator, NYPD police commissioner and most recently the failed occupation authority police head of Iraq. He has made as many enemies during his controversial career as admirers.

Rumors have been swirling about possible improprieties regarding Kerik since his nomination.

The official reason given for his withdrawal was a newly discovered "problem" with a former housekeeper nanny who may not have been a legal immigrant and for whom taxes may not have been properly paid. Not acceptable behavior on the part of someone heading an agency that enforces immigration law.

A newly discovered problem may have also contributed. Kerik has an arrest warrant issued by a New Jersey judge in 1998 that has never been resolved. The warrant was issued for actions related to a condo payment dispute for property Kerik owned.

The other issue causing the speculation is the 6 million dollars earned by Kerik from the Taser Corporation, manufacturer of the hand held stun guns used by police departments. When Kerik headed the NYPD, it ordered millions of dollars worth of the company's product. In 2002, when he left the NYPD, he was appointed a board postition on the company and given stocks. He sold the stocks last month and netted 6 million dollars. Not a bad profit for a man who never invested any of his own money into the company.

Kerik is like many in the Bush administration. A tough guy persona with a take no prisoners attitude. But on further examination, the tough persona hides a myriad of faults and problems. I am sure the Bush administration would have either overlooked these problems had they exclusively known about them or worse never have thoroughly investigated the background of someone who would head up the (theoretically) most important government agency protecting us from the terrorist scourge.

Remember when we spent 70 million taxpayer dollars investigating a $100,000 profit made by a former first lady who actually invested some of her own money into the deal? Those figures have been rendered quaint by the corruption, influence peddling, scandals and profiteering blatantly practiced by members of this administration.

Thank God, we have a good Christian man in the Whitehouse who believes in accountability (for everyone except him, his immediate family, his extended family, his staff, his administration, his allies, his cronies, his contributors, his business associates, his foreign supporters and his nominees).

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