Where in the world is the conservative fighter? 

Thanks to all for your kind words and well wishes (except Andy). I cannot say much about what I am doing or where I am going. But I can tell you this, I am going to the middle east for a year. I don't have time to go into the details nor will I be able to update after today. I can tell you that I am doing this for a myriad of reasons one of which is to experience some of what is going on over there. I know many will be critical of my decision, but that is their problem to deal with.

Let me just close with this:

No one knows all of the reasons behind my decision. I hope you will at least support my motives even if you don't or can't understand them.

I wish you all well (except Andy) and I will talk to you again as soon as I am able (which may be a long time).

Big Unit will be able to provide vague updates in my absence.


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