Conservative Fighter - Back From Iraq 

Hello America.

I am once again on my native soil and re-charged to fight the good fight against the conservative machine set to destroy our freedoms and erode our rights.

Four months in war torn Iraq tends to changes ones perspective on a few things.

After spending time away from my family, friends and the things I previously took for granted, I am much more enamored with my home, much more grateful for my country and much less likely to take any shit from those who would despoil it in the name of political, financial or personal gain; especially those who have never had the courage or fortitude to expend any kind of personal sacrifice or risk in the defense of country, constitution or even their own families (yeah I am talking to you Rush, Hannity, Edwards, Trebor, Beck, and the rest of the fat, hypocritical, blowhard paper patriots out there).

Their hollow rhetoric rings empty in the vast void created by their personal cowardice and inability to risk anything of consequence.

While some rest and relaxtion are in order now, look out for the return of the Conservative Fighter.

Conservatives, your days of running roughshod over people of differing opinions is over. Your ability to use the media to ruin your political opponents with lies, rumor and inuendo unchallenged, your constant quest for all encompassing power, your ability to lie and twist the rules and laws to benefit the already rich and powerful, your anti-christ-like racism, sexism, classism, and use of religion as a tool to divide and gain power...


Stay tuned...


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