Where to begin? 

As I sit here trying to decide what to write, I am overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of hypocrisy, arrogance and outright thuggery manufactured and distributed by the right wing politicians and their media whores since I have been gone.

Four months is not that long but somehow the Republican conservatives managed to pile on abuse after scandal and still not be held accountable by the American public, media or constitutional laws of this land.

Whether it is Tom Delay's many brushes with illegality and corruption or the tacit whoring of religion and the pious right for political purposes; the final conclusion that there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or the shocking (except to anyone with an IQ above 80) revelation that President Bush planned to attack Iraq all along.

There is an old saying that we get the government we deserve. Thanks to the gullible, faux patriots who were so afraid of the "evil doers" and so selfish as to prefer a tiny tax cut and huge deficits to fiscal responsibility and sacrifice we have this mess. A government spending our future away, record deficits, record gas prices, record bankruptcies, over 1500 soldiers dead in an unethical war, terrorist attacks spiking worldwide and so much more that my overwhelmed brain is locking up with anger and disgust.

The tide may turn but not before many more will be pulled down by the waves of conservative fanatacism. Like the king who tried to stop the tides, Bush sits arrogantly on the beach and commands the inevitable to cease; never realizing his lies, deciept and greed are combining to create a force of nature which even his spin doctors and P.R. whores can't paint over or brush under.

The end is nigh! Though for who I can no longer say with certainty. The American public will either see through the charade of conservative lies and manipulation and realize that this philosophy of total unquestioned control is completely contrary to what our constitutional forefathers had in mind or we will keep the status quo and be sucked down into the ever deepening sludge of political corruption.

The choice is ours, for a while longer.

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