Tin Hats a Buzzin' 

What is up with the flag backdrop for Bush's speech? The conspiracy theorists are all abuzz about subliminable messages and propaganda. There is something weird about the backdrop and it is not above Rove to try to implant subtle images like he did with the crucifix podium during the RNC.

Here are the pics, judge for yourself.

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The Backdrop

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The Backdrop as seen by conspiracy theorists

The flag as it would normally appear suspended vertically

Notice the way the flag is folded it hides 4 of the thirteen stripes. I personally don't believe subliminal imagery works because a portion of America can't see blatant truth about Bush and his lies when it is right in their face so how the hell are they going to pick up the 9/11 message hidden in the flags.


Bush Bombs with Troops 

What a difference a year and a half fighting in an quagmire makes.

President Bush attempted to make another rah rah patriotic speech to a favorable crowd, selecting Fort Bragg and 700 U.S. soldiers to help sell his war to a rapidly turning American Public.

Unfortunately for Bush and his propoganda team, no one told the soldiers.

The repetitive catch phrase laden speech did nothing to clear up the floundering "war President's" message nor did it give any justification for a war that has cost the lives of over 1750 of his hand selected audience's compatriots.

The silence of the crowd was deafening, especially when compared to Bush's previous speeches to the military.

Let's look at Bush's famous Thanksgiving Day speech in Iraq a short year and a half ago.

As Bremer prepared to read a presidential proclamation to the troops, he said, "Let's see if we've got anybody more senior here who can read the president's Thanksgiving speech. Is there anybody back there who's more senior than I?"

Bush then emerged, misty-eyed and wearing a U.S. Army exercise jacket, to a roaring ovation.

The shocked and elated soldiers jumped to their feet, pumped their fists in the air, roared with delight, and grabbed their cameras to snap photographs.

The Thanksgiving Day speech (or the Turkey in Tikrit as I like to call it) was interrupted over 13 times by raucus applause, cheering and hooahs. Bush could barely get through a paragraph without having to stop for the adoring applause of the troops. The speech, which was only ten paragraphs long took twice as long to give because of the constant interruptions (complete text of speech and applause interruptions).

Cut to present day. The White House team had alotted 40 minutes for Tuesday's 28 minute speech to accomodate all the expected cheering and clapping from the loyal troops. The President entered to dead silence. He proceeded to give his speech and the only applause came at the end when "over exuberrant" Bush staffers initiated a short burst of polite applause. The speech ran 28 minutes.

Spin control began immediately with claims that the soldiers had been told not to applaud. Later clarification proved that the soldiers had been told not to "carry on", a big difference between acting too boisteriously and clapping. There is nothing to indicate that this administration has ever discouraged any crowd from cheering this President and if this was such a somber speech it could have, and should have been delivered from the oval office.

It appears that Bush has lost one of his most ardent support systems, the military and for a "war president" that loss is devastating.

Contrast and compare.

Video of the Fort Bragg speech.



Tom Delay, Drunk as Dubya 

Check out this video of Tom Delay attempting to make a speech. Is he drunk or just retarded?

Mayberry Mafia has an Otis



Okay, I'm Really Back this time. 

Man, it takes a while to recover from a trip to Iraq. I think I have recovered now so I will start my blog back up. I have a lot of stuff to talk about and many current events to comment on. I will work on my story of being in Iraq and post some photos of my experience there.

Until then check out the link for some non-political funny and some vulgar videos, pics, and games. I really like this website. It is completely juvenile and fun.

Talk to you soon (this time I mean it).



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