Cindy Sheehan 

I support Cindy Sheehan's right to protest freely and ask the President hard questions about the war. Unlike my right wing nutjob counterparts, I don't believe that peacefully protesting, exercising the right to assemble and the right to free speech makes one a traitor, treasonous, a coward, crazy or any of the other horrible things they have called Mrs. Sheehan. On the contrary, I believe exercising these rights is a patriotic and neccessary thing to do. Sometimes even heroic.

Tonight all across this great country, citizens gathered to protest this war, pray for the troops and support Mrs. Sheehan. I am thankful we are still able to do that and it is my sincere hope the American people (who now oppose this war by a large percentage) get some answers they deserve from an administration that has ducked, lied and obfuscated for far too long.

Here is what Bush needs to tell Cindy Sheehan according to one editorialist. I am afraid he will have to let others hypothesize what he would say because he is too busy "getting on with my life" and "moving on".

What a coward.

What a fraud.

What a shame.

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