Hey Cam, they need you at this right wing pro-Bush rally. 

Bus canceled; local residents will drive to Crawford for rally

A caravan of a few vehicles, rather than a chartered bus, will take Brown County residents to a pro-Bush rally in Crawford on Saturday, Brown County Veterans Services Officer Billy Murphey said.
Murphey said Thursday that he had decided to cancel the bus because there weren't enough riders to help defray the $1,300 charter fee. Riders would have been asked to donate $25 each toward the cost.

Only 7 people in Texas willing to cough up the bucks to ride a bus and support Bush. Sounds about right.

p.s. Cam you know the best way to refute the Chickenhawk label, join up you coward.

p.s.s. Your welcome for the increase in traffic you get everytime I respond to your assinine posts.

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