Majority Rules 

For a few years now, we have heard from the right wing conservatives that this is a democracy ruled by the majority. America, love it or leave it. Bush was supported by a majority therefore his word, his wants, his rules applied. He could do as he wished with all of his earned "political capital". Anyone who disagreed with the majority was labeled a traitor, America-hater, sore loser or, the old right wing standby, a communist.

Flash forward-present day...

Depending on which poll you look at, George W. Bush ranks anywhere from failure to miserable failure on the job he is doing. The war in Iraq, as it spirals further out of control, is now thought by the majority of Americans to be a mess not worth our investment of money and troops (1800+ of whom have been killed so far). More information comes out weakly from our whipped or complicit media indicting the president for misleading us into an unnecessary war, lying about WMD, spending us into oblivion, exposing secrets for political payback, grafting our hard earned tax dollars to corporate donors and unleashing the character attack dogs on anyone who criticizes these crimes.

While Baghdad burns, Bush rides his bike on yet another 5 week long vacation; ignoring the grieving mothers and fathers of dead soldiers camped outside his political dude ranch at his peril.

The American public appears to be waking from our right wing induced haze of terrorism inspired patriotic fear and fervor. The emperor is suddenly looking awfully naked even as he vainly tries to wrap our flag around himself and make it work just one more time.

So, following the might makes right logic of the conservatives, the majority now is against this war, these policies, this leader. The will of the people can not be ignored. The majority wants some answers and some action and by God, we are entitled to it by way of our sheer numbers.

Listen up conservatives, you are now a minority and in keeping with your treatment of minorities, you had better shape up or ship out. You control all three branches of government and, like King Midas in reverse, you have turned everything you touched into turmoil, waste and destruction.

Disagree with the majority at your own risk. Go against the American people and you prove that you hate us because of our freedom...

...and you know what happened to the last group of political leaders who did that.

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