Pat Robertson "Jesus want's Hugo Chavez snuffed". 

Ridiculous religious leader and all around dipshit, Pat Robertson called for the assasination of Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, from the tacky set of his religious sitcom, the 700 Club.

I wonder if Pat knows that he is going to burn in hell for all eternity for his bastardization of the words of Christ, stealing money from frightened old people and using the millions of conned money to buy velvet curtains, gaudy religious artwork, mansions for himself, and ugly ass expensive furniture for his fellow hucksters to sit on and fake cry.

Here is an interesting article in Slate listing others on Robertson's hit list including (but not limited to):

Liberal Supreme Court Justices
ACLU Members
and for some reason only legitimate in his pre-senile brain, the Scottish.

My favorite piece on this anti-Christ faux preacher is one by the Rude Pundit. In an inspiring and totally offensive piece on freedom of speech, the Rude One hits the nail on the head. In America we are allowed to speak our minds, unfortunately so is every other ignorant asshole.

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