Right Wing Freepers Protest War Protestors 

Here are some picks of the brave Freepers who have picked up on Hannity's lies about the anti-war protest at Walter Reed. Here is the link of a right wing hack piece on the protest. I looked through all the pictures and watched the video of the Code Pink/Military Families for Peace Protest and couldn't find anything innappropriate. Most of the signs say support the troops, don't cut benefits, save Walter Reed and things like that.

The right wing morons who showed up wasted no time in calling names and holding up signs like this:



My favorite one was this:

That is right wing internet talk show host Cam Edwards of NRA radio (not so) fame. He decided to bravely stand next to the other chickenhawks gathered there from Free Republic and make fun of people protesting the unneccessary deaths of our military men and women. People calling for more spending on VA benefits and an end to the war which has killed 1875 + troops so far.

Another typical right wing radio talkshow host (a la Hannity, Rush , Savage, Beck, etc. ad nauseum), Cam never found the time to serve and even though he is within the age for volunteering, he is still too much of a selfish coward to join up for the war for which he beat the drums so vigorously. His sign says, "Land of the Free Because of the Brave". He should add a piece to the bottom which says, "Not that I would know anything about that personally".

To read some of the disgusting and childish comments about the war protestors, go here:

The Gunn Nut (appropriate name for the crazy and borderline psycho comments she makes).

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