Cameron Louisiana- Destroyed 

It looks like not everyone in my family escapes hurricane Rita unscathed. The small coastal towns of Cameron and Creole Louisiana have been virtually decimated. My father's hometown, Cameron, was 80% leveled according to some reports.

“I would use the word destroyed,” Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore said of Cameron. “Cameron and Creole have been destroyed except for the courthouse, which was built on stilts on higher ground. Most of the houses and public buildings no longer exist or are even in the same location that they were.”

No one has been able to reach my father since Saturday, when he was going to try to return to his home, by boat if neccessary, to see what kind of damage was done. My Uncle and Aunt's house is probably gone in Grand Chenier as well as my Great Uncle's home in Cameron. I have many cousins and distant relatives living in that area as well.

I am still waiting to see hear from them or anyone that can tell us what has happened there.

Texas has been declared a disaster area but these small towns along the southwestern coast of Louisiana have been ignored by FEMA and the federal government. “This is the worst thing I’ve ever been through,” said Danny Hunter, 56. “I called FEMA this morning, and they said they couldn’t help us because this hasn’t been declared a disaster area.” “Texas is a disaster area!” Jenny Reading shouted. “I guess the president made sure of that, and everyone just forgot about us.”

Fema fails the people most in need again.

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