Congratulations to my conservative friends at WKY Radio 

The right wing nosedive in America continues. Mirroring George W. Bush's calamitous fall from popularity to pariah, right wing radio, perhaps emulating their naked emperor, is less popular every rating period.

MaybeJim Traber, whose mediocrity nearly destroyed the Cardinals in his one lame season with them, is responsible for WKY's plunge in the ratings. It is probably the American public's weariness of obvious lies and propaganda propping up W's miserable failure of a presidency.

Whatever the cause, there is no doubt that WKY and it's sycophantic right wing personalities are only slightly more popular than 3 other stations I have never heard of or can find on my dial.

I tried to post on Jim Traber's website but my post was deleted and I was banned (again). So, I am forced to congratulate the bunch of losers over at WKY here on my site (I know they all come here like closeted gay men to the local glory hole).

WKY, ranked 21 out of 24 stations in Oklahoma City. I think some Jr. High morning announcements have more listeners. Keep up the good work guys, at this rate, you will be replaced by a Spanish music station in a few months.

Here are the latest Arbitron ratings.

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