Peace Rally 

I wanted to go to the peace rally in OKC today, but I had to go pick up some refugees from Louisiana.

I know many conservatives wanted to go and mock the protestors or take the worst possible picture of the most ridiculously dressed person and portray all of the concerned people who are against this stupid war the same way. Apparently in DC there are several strange things happening that are preventing some people from getting to the protests.

Don't believe me though, Cam Edwards, chickenhawk and right wing internet webcaster of the NRA radio show, tried to go and make fun of the protestors but he found he could not make it because "routine maintenance" was being performed on the trains and the delays were so great he, and many others, just went home.

Train delays are also mentioned at Democratic Underground where the tin hats are coming on in full force.

The old saying goes, "Just because I am paranoid doesn't meant they aren't out to get me." It does seem strange that they would do "routine maintenance" on a day when tens of thousands of people would be trying to utilize the system.

I will try to post pics from both later today.

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