They got what they deserved... 

Hurricane Katrina has proven to me beyond any doubt that the diehard Bush supporters, the right wing commentators, the freepers and the conservatives are without any human compassion and are able to continually spew forth the vomitous of their political ideology in the face of human tragedy.

From members of Free Republic saying we built the public housing in New Orleans too well because it survived the hurricanes, right wing websites advocating burning New Orleans to the ground, the speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert, stating that we should not bulldoze the devasted city and not waste money rebuilding it, to the racist lies and rumors surrounding looting, shooting and rapes to the slow response and refusal of help from this right wing administration, it has never been more clear how these "compassionate" people feel about the poor, the sick and minorities.

Mocking the victims of this tragedy for staying in their homes, has become so commonplace among the right wing media and commentators, even FEMA's director blamed the victims, that it is now an accepted belief among many Americans that these people deserved or somehow earned their fate. I wonder if the same mentality would have been tolerated when talking about the victims of 9/11. After all, they knew that the Trade Towers were a target of terrorist, hell it had been hit before, so, according to the right wing mentality, the victims must have deserved their fate for putting themselves into that precarious position.

The commentators on the ground are begging and pleading with the government to send help and relief supplies 5 DAYS AFTER THE HURRICANE HIT GROUND (even FOX News commentators Sheppard Smith and Geraldo gave up the right wing spin and told the truth). Would it have been acceptable to leave the trapped and suffering 5 days in New York City? Absolutely not, yet somehow the rationalizations for this miserable failure of a emergency response are accepted by the right wing bushbots and repeated ad nauseum. It is clear that if you are poor and black in the world of compassionate conservatism you are not as important as wealthy white business men and women.

The tales of rampant anarchy on the streets of New Orleans are proving to be rumors and repeated urban myths more than factual accounts. Tales of people helping each other and maintaining their compusure for days and days without adequate food, water and medical treatment are now coming out. The right wing echo chamber made much ado about helicopters being shot at but that is apparently, a lie. The criminalization of the people in New Orleans made it easier to justify ignoring them and letting them die. This policy of psych warfare has served this administration well in Iraq, making monsters out of those you wish to destroy and it is a well known and often used ploy in making war, but to use the same techniques against civilian victims of a natural disaster is detestible.

Blame the poor, slander the victims, make excuses, take no responsibility-this is the legacy of this administration and this political ideaology. History will judge this period in American history and judge it harshly. As should we, the people.

In the meantime, donate what you can to the suffering people of the Gulf Coast. They are being ignored by their leaders and blamed by the right wing whackos but I am sure they won't be ignored by the American people and the truly compassionate.

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