War, what is it good for... 

Absolutely nothing.

We got to see two sides of a political and, some would say, moral debate, demonstrate in Washington, D.C. this weekend.

The first, a Peace rally sponsored by groups such as Answer Coalition, Moveon, Democratic Underground, Veterans for Peace, Goldstar Families for Peace and many others was a resounding success. Well over the original estimate of 100,000 activists showed up in D.C. to protest the war and support the troops return. The streets were packed with people concerned about the deteriorating situating in Iraq that has claimed the lives of over 1900 U.S. troops to date and wounded over 14,000. Protestors ranged from family members of soldiers serving in Iraq, Catholic Nuns, senior citizens, veterans, college students, families and children and the occasional old school hippy.

A counter protest was planned by members of Free Republic, Protest Warrior and other pro-war/anti-enlisting groups for the next day.

"We are preparing for as many as 20,000 people, just to be on the safe side," said Kristinn Taylor, a leader of FreeRepublic.com, one of the sponsors. "People have been fired up over the past month, especially military family members, and they want to be heard."

About a hundred people showed up.

100,000 to 100. Protests still belong to the "unwashed hippies", as one right wing moron called the Peace marchers.

Here are comparison photos of the two rallies:

The first is a shot of the Peace Rally.

This is a shot of the Pro-War crowd.

Pro-War, what is it good for? Almost, absolutely nothing, apparently.

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