Lies, damn lies and right wing pundits 

One meme the right wing propagandists are hitting hard is that Valerie Plame was a blatant publicity whore who flashed her CIA badge to anyone who looked her way. She, they argue, outed herself.

Larry Stein (aka the Weasel) was lying about this topic today as he made some part time money filling in for DaX Davis on WKY AM 960 (the 26th rated radio station in Oklahoma).

I called Stein up and told him he was lying, he went on and on about how he "read somewhere" that all of Plames neighbors knew who she was and that she appeared in Vanity Fair.

The lie that Plame's covert CIA status was well known among her neighbors has been repeated by all the big liars in the right wing propaganda machine. Limbaugh lies about it daily, Coulter screams the lies, adam's apple bobbing up and down furiously and some closet case from National Review named Byron York lies about it in print. Local AM hosts will, no doubt, continue to lie about it because most of their audience is too stupid to check for themselves.

By the way Larry, she appeared in Vanity Fair over a year after Scooter and Novak outed her. There is no reason to hide once your cover has been blown.

Here is the truth:

On Monday, two FBI agents combed the northwest Washington neighborhood where Wilson and Plame live, showing their badges and questioning neighbors about whether they knew Plame worked for the CIA before her employer was revealed by Novak in July 2003.

Critics of the leak investigation have said it was an open secret that Plame worked for the CIA; if many people knew that she worked for the agency, it would make prosecution under the 1982 law protecting covert agents nearly impossible.

But neighbors contacted by The Times said they told the FBI agents that they had no idea of her agency life, and that they knew her as a mother of twins who worked as an energy consultant.

The agents "made it clear they were part of the Fitzgerald investigation, and they were basically tying up loose ends," said David Tillotson, a lawyer and neighbor who was among those interviewed Monday.

I would invite any conservative to provide proof that Valerie Plame was known to be a CIA agent before Scooter and Novak outed her. In fact, if anyone can, former CIA agent Larry Johnson is offering a $5000 cash reward.

I know $5000 is nothing for Limbaugh, Coulter and York but a cheap punk state employee like Larry Stein could surely use a quick $5K. Just backup your bullshit Stein, or STFU.


Breaking News - Big Oil is Screwing the Public 

The major oil companies are raking in obscene profits because of the continual rape of the American public. Record quarterly profits of $10 b... b... b... Billion were rolled around in naked by officials from Exxon Mobil as they squeeled with delight.

The Bush administration, the ever vigiliant watchdog for the American public, promptly acted and immediately ruled out a capital gains type tax on the oil giants. They have also ruled out any type of serious investigation into collusion, price fixing and monopolization by the oil companies, some of their biggest political contributors and plain good ole boys.

Conservatives everywhere rejoice. The free market system works and the laws of supply and demand insure that huge coorporations get ever wealthier by gouging everyone who uses their product.

You would think with all those billions rolling in every week, the oil industries could build a few new refineries. One of the excuses they repeatedly give us right before shafting us like a dry hole is that refining capacity is down and, try as they might, they just can't produce anymore.

Conservatives have been telling us for decades that big business can control itself and will conduct itself in a responsible and fair manner; that it works best without government oversight. Big oil companies have taken advantage of the free reign given them by their bought and paid for government and redistributed hundreds of billions of dollars from the working men and women of America into their own bloated bank accounts.

The continued failure of the Republican controlled government to investigate or even show interest in this looting by big oil is yet another reason why we need to vote them out of power in 2006 and 2008. At least Democratic officials act like they care and occassionally do something in the publics best interest.

A valuable lesson to the youth: Loot food, shoes, or TV's - Get arrested or shot. Loot billions from hardworking Americans and you will be praised, famous and, most of all, rich.


One Down 

Libby indicted on 5 counts. Perjury, obstruction of justice and false testimony. Rove is in the clear...for now.

Link to the indictment

Some thoughts:

Conservatives are contorting themselves into pretzels trying to spin this federal crime allegedly commited by I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby.

Some of the defenses:

Right Wing Spin: Perjury (obstruction of justice, false testimony) is not that big a deal.

Truth - Perjury, obstruction of justice and false testimony are major federal crimes and Scooter faces up to 30 years in prison and $1 million in fines if convicted. It is also pretty fucking hillarious that the same honor and integrity crowd who went after Bill Clinton like the villagers in a Frankenstein movie for lying under oath can now do a complete 180 and defend their guys for doing the same thing (only worse).

Right Wing Lie: Valerie Plame was known to work for the CIA prior to being outed.

Truth: Contrary to the lie on Drudge and other right wing outfits, Plame's neighbors had no idea she worked for the CIA prior to being outed. Neither did anyone else outside the CIA or federal government. The right wing lie that Plame was not undercover, blew her own cover or was well known prior to Scooter outing her is blown away:




and Here

In fact Media Matters has a complete and factual rebuttal of all of the lies surrounding Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson here.

The investigation is ongoing into Karl Rove and other administration officials who risked our national security and the lives of undercover agents to punish Joe Wilson.

My 91 year old grandmother passed away in June. She was very sharp and knowledgeable and spent a lot of time reading and watching the news. We would have political discussions about this administration. She told me Bush was "the crookedest President we ever had". It's looking more and more like she was right.



Tacky Homemade Halloween Costumes 

I cam across a site (The Stranger) which I believe is parody that lists the top 10 scariest costumes for kids including: Jenna Bush's Liver, The Shoe Bomber, Ralph Nader, Lyndie England and the tackies most tasteless of all...

I am sure conservatives everywhere will be dressing up their future little chickenhawks in this costume. After all, the torture at Abu Ghraib was the equivalent of fraternity pranks according to most of them.


Why 2k? 

Today, the 2000th soldier died in Iraq. 2000 men and women, sons and daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers; dead and the question remains...Why?

President Bush took us to war with the fear of weapons of mass destruction. We where in "grave danger" we were repeatedly told of being the victims of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons being used on us by a vile dictactor intent on our destruction.

It turns out that information was a lie. A carefully orchestrated, well rehearsed, crafted and polished bold faced lie. Even staunch warmongers and conservative supporters now admit there were no WMD's.

The rationale for war has become an ever changing kaleidoscope of public relations trial balloons:

We will be greeted as liberators with flowers and candy thrown at our feet: 2000 dead and 14,000+ wounded soldiers would disagree.

Iraqi oil will pay for the reconstruction: 200 billion American deficit dollars and counting.

Overthrowing a genocidal dictator (a person the former Bush and Reagan administrations supported with cash, chemicals and kind words).

Planting the seeds of Democracy in the Middle East: Although the Democracy the Bush administration will settle for today is far removed from the idyllic picture that was painted of a flourishing American style government on the Euphrates.

Conservative pundits decry the acknowledgement of this latest morbid figure. In an ongoing effort to blunt any valid criticism of this president, they attack the messenger and childishly try to counter the negative with ad hominem attacks and foisting non-existent traits on their enemies. "Liberals rejoice in the dead" is the meme of the right wing talk show hosts. The only people I have seen or heard rejoice in death are the same people who now cast apersions on me. I do not rejoice in death. I grieve for the lives lost. The sacrifices made. The vanity of an unnecessary war.

Conservatives, it would appear, prefer to forget our war dead and wounded. They are only useful as backdrops when running for election or trying desperately to regain some popularity. The magnetic ribbons that adorn their cars is the closest most conservatives get to recognizing the sacrifice made by others. The stark horrific reality is something they would prefer to ignore. Why should the worry their "beautiful minds" about something so barbaric, tragic and horrifying.

I will recognize the sacrifice made by my fellow soldiers. Each life lost is precious to me if, for no other reason, than that I was once one of them. I took the oath, wore the uniform and was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if it was required.

All of our soldiers should be able to serve with the confidence that our leaders will not sacrifice them in vain. That every option will be explored, every avenue taken prior to war being waged.

This administration did not search for every alternative. They apparently did not seek any alternative. They decided on war and then justified that decision.




Freedom of Speech 

A young protestor was arrested in Pinnellas County Florida for holding a sign which read "Fuck Bush". Now I realize this is not the most articulate or intellectual way to oppose the Bush administration, but this is America and people still should have the right to say or hold signs, offensive or not.

The disturbing thing to me is that groups like Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church hold up and chant much more vile things and are offered protection from the police while this kid was arrested without warning.

The sign could have been confiscated or the officers could have asked the young man to put the sign away prior to an arrest being initiated.

I will be glad when we get patriotic God fearing conservatives out of our government, they are too dangerous to our constitutional rights.



Has America been... 

It has occurred to me that the last 5 years have obviously been one giant practical joke. It should have been so obvious to us. George W. Bush, inarticulate bumbler and coked out drunken Yale cheerleader as the President of the United States...Come on!

Elected twice even in the face of lies, corruption and stupidity. Yeah, right!

Come on Ashton, let us in on the joke and off the hook. You got us. We fell for it.

Look, we know you smoked dope with the Bush Twins and probably banged one or both of them.

Really, Come on Kutcher. This has gone on long enough.

Ashton? Guys? Quit playing around.


I am having a little trouble with my Cox 

Sorry no posts for the last few days. Cox, my internet provider, is on the blink. A tech is on the way and will hopefully get me back in service.



Big trouble in little DC 

It looks like the probe into the Valerie Plame outing may be the crack that breaks the Bush administration's corruption wide open.

Remember it was the Whitewater investigation that led to Bill Clinton's messy wet facial with the chubby intern, which in turn led to impeachment for lying under oath. Lying under oath, we were told by conservative radio talk show hosts, was about the worst thing a person could do, other than get a blowjob from a fat unpaid volunteer.

It is beginning to look like the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame may be the intro into much more devious acts by the Bush administration.

Evidence is building that the probe conducted by Patrick Fitzgerald, special prosecutor, has extended beyond the leaking of a covert CIA agent's name to include questioning about the administration's handling of pre-Iraq war intelligence.

From The Financial Times

According to the Democratic National Committee, a majority of the nine members of the White House Iraq Group have been questioned by Mr Fitzgerald. The team, which included senior national security officials, was created in August 2002 to “educate the public” about the risk posed by weapons of mass destruction on Iraq.

Mr Fitzgerald, who has been applauded for conducting a leak-free inquiry, has said little publicly about his 22-month probe, other than that it is about the “potential retaliation against a whistleblower”, Joseph Wilson. After Mr Wilson, a former ambassador, went public with doubts about the evidence that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons, the name of his wife, Valerie Plame, a CIA official, was leaked to reporters.

The prosecutor has given no indication whether he will charge anyone in the case. At the weekend Judith Miller, the New York Times reporter jailed for 85 days after refusing to testify, provided new details about the scope of Mr Fitzgerald's investigation. She was asked “repeatedly” how Lewis “Scooter” Libby, chief of staff to Vice-President Dick Cheney, “handled classified information”.


I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member 

I have been kicked off many a conservative website. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I actually consider it a badge of honor in most circumstances.

There was the time I was kicked off Cam Edwards site for exposing his contributing poster as a liar. Accused of stalking and threatened with legal action, I was unceremoniously booted from being able to comment.

I understood.

I was kicked of Jim Traber's site at least 4 times (each time I was allowed to rejoin) for daring to criticize the mediocre baseball player turned mediocre talk show host.

I concurred.

Lately though, I have been booted for just politely disagreeing with conservatives or pointing out the failures of their beloved president.

It seems, much like the Bush administration, truth is no longer welcome on conservative websites. Dissention is not tolerated and opposing viewpoints are wiped away with the click of the administrators mouse.

The only person I every banned from my site used vulgar language...a lot, with no intelligence or humor.

There is a huge difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals welcome debate and conflicting viewpoints, Conservatives demand loyalty oaths, ban dissention, create free speech zones and have opponents arrested.

I invite any conservative to come and comment, argue, debate and root for their team. I welcome the give and take. I will still make fun of you and eviscerate your political ideals but that is what makes this enjoyable.

I wonder why conservatives are afraid to do the same?



Will Blog for Loose Change 

Pity poor Cam Edwards. He quit his job as Oklahoma City's number one morning right wing conservative AM talk show host to move to the liberal Northeast and host a high tech/low budget internet infomercial funded by the National Rifle Association.

The show started with a big on-air staff of about 4 people. Soon it became apparent this was not a money making proposition for the NRA, so they cut the staff again and again until only Cam remains.

His website, which once boasted hundreds of readers and dozens of daily commentators has dwindled to a pathetic shell of it's former self. Cam can still count on about 4 hardcore readers who faithfully repeat the right wing talking points; as good puppets should. His most infamous and tenacious poster is Kevin Posey, a driving school owner from Norman, Oklahoma, who can be relied on to relentlessly attack anyone thought to be liberal or deviate from the party line. Kevin has run off the more intelligent posters and almost single handedly destroyed Cam's site.

Cam has been reduced to begging for donations to redesign his failing site. The response has been less than overwhelming. The few readers who responded at all appeared to make fun of the request. Some even solicited donations from Cam. Apparently the site is not as valuable a commodity as it's namesake owner thought.

Never one to ignore the plight of the needy, I pitched Cam a quarter via Paypal. I hope my donation helps the site make it through the coming dark days for the psycophantic brainwashed diehards who still blindly support Bush and his failing administration and policies.



The Annual "Halloween is Evil" Chant Begins 

Come my conservative friends and gather around the pumpkins and plastic skeletons to spoil yet another Halloween for your kids and try to ruin it for the rest of us.

Read the Ten reasons Christians should not celebrate Halloween and be dumber for the effort.

Some of the real Celtic and Paegan Traditions explained.

By the way, your tactics aren't working. Halloween is the second biggest holiday in the U.S., behind Christmas.

Halloween is a time to let your scary side out. Dress up, scare your friends, be something you aren't and, yes, communicate with the dead and drag children to be sacrificed at the pentagram decorated alters.

Good times...


Conservative Radio Host - Save the Rich First 

Neal Boortz, conservative radio talk show host said on his syndicated show that rich people should be saved first in the event of terror attacks or natural disasters. Poor people, in Boortz' opinion, are not worth saving. They are "undeducated", "can barely read", and "have children they can't afford".

Boortz is like the Fred Phelp's church members, extreme and vitriolic but speaks for many more people on the right who are afraid to voice their true opinions.

I have one question for Mr. Boortz: If you save the rich and let the poor perish, who is going to work in the factories for minimum wage? Who is going to cook and clean and pick up the trash of the elite? Who is going to buy the crap at Wal-Mart and keep this teetering economy going?

The gap between rich and poor is ever widening in this corporate dominated country and I know and work with many more poor people than I do rich. We may be getting closer and closer to a class revolution and the rich, while powerful by means of their money, are far outnumbered by the poor uneducated hardworking masses.

If their is a class war, my money is on the poor. I know all the conservative radio talk show hosts would be easy marks because of their poor physical condition, pale sensitive white skin and flabby asses.

The irony is that most of the local conservative talk show hosts make less than stellar incomes off of their shows. Some of them have resorted to begging to keep their alleged 100,000 hits per month websites functioning. Nearly all of them have to flack products or services to supplement their meager incomes.

My grandfather used to say, "If you want to live like a Republican, vote for a democrat". If you want to leave the poor to die in terrorist attacks and natural disasters, just keep voting republican. They are doing a bang up job already.


Bush's Staged Informercial 

It appears that at least one soldier in Bush's puppet show was not a combat soldier, but a PR Flack for the military. MSgt. Corrine Lombardo is a PR writer for the U.S. Army. Here is some of her work.

Now as many of you probably know, P.R. people are relentlessly upbeat and tell the side of the story the client (in this case the President) wants to convey to the consumer (in this case the American public). They do not have frank discussions nor do they answer questions without spin.

Link to the story here.

I have a problem with this administration's constant deceipt and spin. There is nothing they do that is not 'handled' including this blatant informercial. There should be disclaimers if they are going to use P.R. folks if they portray it as a discussion between the president and front line soldiers.

They would probably use actors if they could get away with it. Wag the dog, indeed.



Cokehead to Turdblossom - 'Bout time for another terror alert. 

Here are some astoundingly bad numbers for Bush. In almost ever category he is viewed as a failure by a strong majority of the American public. From the economy, the war, social security, race relations, morality, the tax system, public education, healthcare, and the deficit, Bush has failed.

Even the right wing lying sack of shit network FOXnews admits Bush is in the crapper.

I knew I was right, I am just a few years ahead of my time.

Bush-The Poll


Bush's Puppet Soldiers 

President Bush bravely held a Q&A with active duty soldiers in Iraq. The no holds barred give and take gave the soldiers a chance to interact with their president truthfully, openly and unrehearsed...Except it was a completely staged event with hand picked soldiers given explicit instructions on the questions they would be given, the order they would answer and the answers they would give.

Bush is touted by conservatives as a decisive take charge leader who is afraid of nothing-speaking his mind, polls, confrontation-yet he clearly is terrified of an open and free press or public who can speak to him without the filter of his handlers and screeners.

Video of the farce is here.

Video compilation of the staged conference.

Bush has used the troops so many times to further his wrongheaded policies, he should just put a stick up their asses and prance them around with Karl Rove doing their voices.

Watching Bush speak in public has become painfully embarrassing what with his incessant blinking, jaw grinding, stammering and blank stares. I bet he wishes he could quit the presidency like he has ever other job he fucked up in his life (hint, it was every single one of them).

Try as he might to appear engaged and in control, new polls show Bush's popularity is receding faster than the flood waters in New Orleans. Latest polls show Bush at a pitiful 38% approval rating with 56% disapproval and a stunning 2% approval rating from African Americans (you read that right 2%).

No wonder he feels the need to stage events, screen questioners and keep the media at bay.



Here ya go Big Unit 

You wanted proof that the terror alerts were tied to Bush's ratings or bad news for the administration.

The Nexus of Politics and Terror

10 alerts/0 arrests/0 bombs/0 conspirators/all shortly after negative or damaging information against the Bush administration.



Bush's New Low 

President Bush is polling at his lowest numbers ever. A Wall Street Journal?NBC News poll shows Bush's overall support has dropped to 39%. Even his nine photo ops to the Gulf Coast don't seem to be helping to pull his numbers out of the dumpster.

From the article on MSNBC:

The poll shows that Bush’s approval rating stands at 39 percent, a new low for the president. In the last NBC/Wall Street Journal survey, which was released in mid-September, 40 percent approved of Bush’s job performance while 55 percent disapproved. In addition, just 28 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction, another all-time low in Bush’s presidency.

The poll also shows Americans aren't buying the bullshit form bugman Tom Delay. Only 29% believe the indictment against him is politically motivated with 55% saying they believe he did something illegal. Bill Frist is also thought to have committed an illegal act by a majority of Americans with his family's company stock sell off (dump) just before a negative earnings statement was released.

Meanwhile, 57 percent say Frist’s sale of stock in a company his family runs — just before the value of the stock declined — indicates potential illegal activity, compared with 28 percent who say the charge has little merit.

It looks like the 2006 elections may result in a turnover of power. 48 percent of Americas polled want to return to a democratically controlled congress as opposed to 39% who want to keep the fun house of corruption, cronyism and creationists we have in there now.



Dangerous Cult coming to OKC to Protest Baptist Church 

Fred Phelps and his inbred Westboro Baptist Church members who protest gay funerals, military funerals, Billy Graham and the Pope, and now fellow Baptist Churches are coming to Oklahoma City to make asses of themselves in front of the First Southern Baptist Church of Del City.

What have the members of SBC done to wrong God and Pastor Phelps?

One of it's members proposed legislation to make picketing a military funeral a crime.

For those of you unfamiliar with Fred, check out his Christian website, Godhatesfags.com.

From praising hurricanes Rita and Katrina, to celebrating soldier's deaths and the attacks on 9/11, Brother Phelps claims to be a representative of the one true God and preaches, what he claims are, Biblically accurate sermons.

Phelps represents the fringe of Christianity but some of the things he says are echoed by conservative christians in the mainstream.

One of the saddest pictures I have seen is the children of this "church" forced by their fucked up parents to wear shit like this:

While most conservatives didn't mind when Phelps was picketing gay funerals, when he started bring his vile sideshow to military funerals, they suddenly became justifiably outraged.

My conservative breathren and I don't agree on many things, but I think on this particular topic we have found some common ground...someone needs to kill this sick, sick fuck and the brainwashed cult members who do his bidding. I would at least like to see members of the First Baptist Church of Del City open a can of Old Testament, wrath of God style whoopass and baptise Fred and his followers with the fists of righteousness and maybe some two by fours of salvation.


What will happen when there is no more oil? 


Read some of the information on this site and then stock up on guns, ammo, MRE's, water, and buy a cabin in Montana.

A snippet from the site:

Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon. This is not the wacky proclamation of a doomsday cult, apocalypse bible prophecy sect, or conspiracy theory society. Rather, it is the scientific conclusion of the best paid, most widely-respected geologists, physicists, and investment bankers in the world. These are rational, professional, conservative individuals who are absolutely terrified by a phenomenon known as global "Peak Oil."

Peak Oil, life after the Crash


Excessive Force In the Big Easy? 

Video of police officers in New Orleans arresting a 63 year old man.

Do you think excessive force was used?

It is obvious to me that, for at least one officer, there was. There is no need, and to the best of my knowledge no police department trains officers, to strike resisting suspects in the face. The proper technique is to strike a suspect in a large muscle mass like the thighs or upper arms. With three officers and one "good Samaritan" restraining the guy (the guy in the snappy khaki vest actually makes it harder to handcuff the suspect), they should have been able to take him down to the ground and handcuff him without punching him repeatedly in the face and head.

I think the officer who grabbed the guy with the laminated ID and threatened him should be suspended too.

By the way, I am not a bleeding heart "pigs are bad" guy, I normally support the police and give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to excessive force charges.

This time, they were wrong and should pay the price.


More on this story.

Update: The victim was a 64 year old retired elementary school teacher. He claims he was not intoxicated and, in fact, hasn't drunk alcohol in 25 years. The person threatened by the police officer and shoved up against the car was an AP producer responsible for documenting the incident. Three officers were arrested and suspended pending an investigation.



People like this are Why Bush won Twice (+ Election Machine Fraud of course) 

Who should we invade next?

Notice how many times people identify Australia as something else.


Hot Chicks Against Bush 

Warning Nudity (but not nearly enough)!

Another reason to oppose Bush.

No Bush!!!!



PETA versus KFC 

A PETA protest was held outside an Oklahoma City KFC this week to protest the cruel ways chickens used by the company are raised and slaughtered.

The conservative media got hold of the story and, much like Protest Warrior, the Pro-War counter protest, Anti-Sheehan protestors, they decided to counter the PETA organization with their own petty and childish tactics. Right wingers thought it was funny eating chicken in front of them, callings them anti-Semitic and terrorists and encouraging some old rich bat to wear her fur coat to the protest.

See pics here.

I am not a vegetarian nor am I a member of PETA. I do, however, think that the animals we use for food in this country deserve to be raised in a humane environment and killed as painlessly and possible and should not be mutilated by machines, scalded alive, tortured by workers or kept in cages so small that the birds cannot move.

I had the opportunity to raise 8 chickens last year. Only 5 ultimately survived (lost 1 as a chick and 2 to predators). My chickens were like pets. They came when called, they were affectionate and surprisingly beautiful animals. They laid eggs which my family consumed (after getting used to the orange yolks which were indicative of the healthy lifestyle and good nutrition the chickens were receiving-something you will never see in mass produced large scale commercial farm eggs).

Healthier animals produce a healthier end product whether it be eggs, milk or meat. Family farmers know this and would never raise their animals in the conditions most of our livestock are now raised. Corporate farming has destroyed traditional methods and achieves it's main goal of producing the most product in the cheapest way possible by cramming animals together in unhealthy conditions, feeding them as cheaply as possible and loading them up with chemicals, anti-biotics and growth hormones.

The people who mock those PETA members seem to rejoice in the suffering of animals. The same actions that, if performed by an individual on a street, would warrant a call to the police, are laughed about by the right wing pro-torture(humans and animals) crowd.

KFC food is greasy, the pieces are small and the prices are high. Aside from the fact that they don't care enough about the animals that bring in tens of millions of dollars per year to their company, their crappy food is enough to make me boycott them.

If you can stomach it, watch the video that prompted the PETA protest. It was filmed at a KFC "Supplier of the Year" facility in Moorefield, West Virginia. It shows plant workers stomping, slamming chickens against floors and walls, twisting off their beaks, pulling off their heads and other depraved acts of cruelty.

Moorefield Video


The boy who cried "Terrist" 

The Bush administration facing declining levels of support for the (unnecessary) war in Iraq again played the skeered card by raising concerns about a terrorist attack on NY City subways.
The threat, given to the Mayor and city officials by federal authorities, cites specific threats to use bombs hidden in briefcases, backpacks and baby carriages.

While federal authorities downplayed the threat, after giving it to NY, the Mayor issued a public statement on the threats but withheld specific information.

Conservatives claim that the warning were posted by the Mayor of NYC but, in truth, they originated at the federal level.

The Bush administration has a very trackable history of using the Homeland Security "Danger Will Robinson" color chart to take pressure of themselves or to pump up fear and support when things aren't going their way. Unfortunately for Mr. Bush and Mr. Rove, the American people, dumb as they are, are finally catching on to their wolf shit. Increased colors make about as big an impression as his second term has.

The boy who cried wolf finally was eaten by the very thing that brought him much needed public attention and respect. Bush now faces a public that does not support him, his ideas, or his rapidly disintegrating war. He will use terror again, mark my words. Too bad it won't help him get back his mojo.



New Feature - "Cons"ervatives 

I may run out of bandwidth for this but here is a brief look at conservative Republicans who are in trouble with the law.

Tom Delay (Republi-con) - Indicted by a Texas Grand Jury for conspiracy to commit campaign finance violations. Weird looking guy too.

Bill Frist (Republi-con) - Under investigation by the Securities and Exchange commission for insider trading of his family's medical company stock (selling off in advance of poor earnings report).

Bill Bennett (Right Wing Whacko) - Although not literally a criminal, Bill Bennett, self confessed gambling addict and morals czar, made a statement on his conservative radio program that crime would go down if all black babies were aborted. Criminal? No. Criminally Stupid? Yes.

David Graves (Republinebriated) Macon, GA) - DUI. Mr. Graves tried to claim the equivalent of executive privilege to get out of his DUI charge. He claimed the alcohol was consumed at an official event and he was therefore immune from prosecution. Uhhh, no. In his defense, maybe he was drunk when he came up with this theory.

A state lawmaker cannot wiggle out of a drunken driving charge by claiming his drinking had been part of an official legislative function, a Cobb County judge ruled this morning.
Rep. David Graves (R-Macon) tried to use an obscure provision in the state constitution to argue that he should not have been arrested for DUI in February, during the 2005 session of the Georgia General Assembly.

The centuries-old provision holds that a lawmaker cannot be arrested during sessions of the General Assembly, legislative committee meetings or while they're in transit to a meeting or session. Exceptions are made for cases of "treason, felony or breach of the peace."

But at a hearing this morning, Cobb State Court Judge Irma B. Glover denied Graves' request to use his legislative immunity defense.

Well-known DUI attorney, William C. "Bubba" Head, who is representing Graves on this and another DUI from 2004 immediately filed a motion to appeal Glover's ruling to the Georgia Supreme Court.

I was just wondering, does any conservative ever take responsibility for their personal failures. I know Clinton denied it until the cum spattered dress showed up, but then he took responsibility and self flagellated before the American public on national TV. I have never seen any republican say, "Hey, I screwed up. I failed. I am sorry".


This just in..... 

Breaking news...

Cam Edwards is still a Chicken Hawk and Jim Traber is still a moron.

Stay with ConservativeFighter, we'll keep you advised.


Update from the other hurricane 

It doesn't seem like the mainstream media can let go of the Katrina damage, which was severe, long enough to cover the other hurricane that devasted southwest Louisiana. Little towns like Cameron, Creole, Moss Bluff, Holly Beach, Sweetlake, Grand Lake and many more were completely devastated by Rita.

All of my family evacuated before Rita hit. I finally spoke to my father and he said his house was damaged but repairable. My brother is in a similar situation. Others weren't so lucky. I have several family members in Cameron and Creole. All of their homes were completely destroyed. There is nothing left but slabs. My brother reports 99% of Creole and Cameron is gone. What few buildings survived, are barely standing with little more than part of roofs and framing members which are leaning precariously.

There are many people who evacuated here in Oklahoma. Many more are staying in hotels and motels across the country wondering when they will be let back in to see how their homes fared. They also wonder how long they can survive on limited funds.

My brother reports areas of Lake Charles are starting to get electricity back on. The smaller urban areas will wait weeks, months and possibly years to be restored.

Lifelong residents of the small coastal towns of Louisiana are wondering if rebuilding is feasible. Some have had their homes destroyed twice and many will not give another hurricane a chance to do it a third time.

One family's story: KPLC TV Lake Charles - Return to Cameron Parish


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