The boy who cried "Terrist" 

The Bush administration facing declining levels of support for the (unnecessary) war in Iraq again played the skeered card by raising concerns about a terrorist attack on NY City subways.
The threat, given to the Mayor and city officials by federal authorities, cites specific threats to use bombs hidden in briefcases, backpacks and baby carriages.

While federal authorities downplayed the threat, after giving it to NY, the Mayor issued a public statement on the threats but withheld specific information.

Conservatives claim that the warning were posted by the Mayor of NYC but, in truth, they originated at the federal level.

The Bush administration has a very trackable history of using the Homeland Security "Danger Will Robinson" color chart to take pressure of themselves or to pump up fear and support when things aren't going their way. Unfortunately for Mr. Bush and Mr. Rove, the American people, dumb as they are, are finally catching on to their wolf shit. Increased colors make about as big an impression as his second term has.

The boy who cried wolf finally was eaten by the very thing that brought him much needed public attention and respect. Bush now faces a public that does not support him, his ideas, or his rapidly disintegrating war. He will use terror again, mark my words. Too bad it won't help him get back his mojo.

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