Bush's New Low 

President Bush is polling at his lowest numbers ever. A Wall Street Journal?NBC News poll shows Bush's overall support has dropped to 39%. Even his nine photo ops to the Gulf Coast don't seem to be helping to pull his numbers out of the dumpster.

From the article on MSNBC:

The poll shows that Bush’s approval rating stands at 39 percent, a new low for the president. In the last NBC/Wall Street Journal survey, which was released in mid-September, 40 percent approved of Bush’s job performance while 55 percent disapproved. In addition, just 28 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction, another all-time low in Bush’s presidency.

The poll also shows Americans aren't buying the bullshit form bugman Tom Delay. Only 29% believe the indictment against him is politically motivated with 55% saying they believe he did something illegal. Bill Frist is also thought to have committed an illegal act by a majority of Americans with his family's company stock sell off (dump) just before a negative earnings statement was released.

Meanwhile, 57 percent say Frist’s sale of stock in a company his family runs — just before the value of the stock declined — indicates potential illegal activity, compared with 28 percent who say the charge has little merit.

It looks like the 2006 elections may result in a turnover of power. 48 percent of Americas polled want to return to a democratically controlled congress as opposed to 39% who want to keep the fun house of corruption, cronyism and creationists we have in there now.

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