Bush's Puppet Soldiers 

President Bush bravely held a Q&A with active duty soldiers in Iraq. The no holds barred give and take gave the soldiers a chance to interact with their president truthfully, openly and unrehearsed...Except it was a completely staged event with hand picked soldiers given explicit instructions on the questions they would be given, the order they would answer and the answers they would give.

Bush is touted by conservatives as a decisive take charge leader who is afraid of nothing-speaking his mind, polls, confrontation-yet he clearly is terrified of an open and free press or public who can speak to him without the filter of his handlers and screeners.

Video of the farce is here.

Video compilation of the staged conference.

Bush has used the troops so many times to further his wrongheaded policies, he should just put a stick up their asses and prance them around with Karl Rove doing their voices.

Watching Bush speak in public has become painfully embarrassing what with his incessant blinking, jaw grinding, stammering and blank stares. I bet he wishes he could quit the presidency like he has ever other job he fucked up in his life (hint, it was every single one of them).

Try as he might to appear engaged and in control, new polls show Bush's popularity is receding faster than the flood waters in New Orleans. Latest polls show Bush at a pitiful 38% approval rating with 56% disapproval and a stunning 2% approval rating from African Americans (you read that right 2%).

No wonder he feels the need to stage events, screen questioners and keep the media at bay.

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