Bush's Staged Informercial 

It appears that at least one soldier in Bush's puppet show was not a combat soldier, but a PR Flack for the military. MSgt. Corrine Lombardo is a PR writer for the U.S. Army. Here is some of her work.

Now as many of you probably know, P.R. people are relentlessly upbeat and tell the side of the story the client (in this case the President) wants to convey to the consumer (in this case the American public). They do not have frank discussions nor do they answer questions without spin.

Link to the story here.

I have a problem with this administration's constant deceipt and spin. There is nothing they do that is not 'handled' including this blatant informercial. There should be disclaimers if they are going to use P.R. folks if they portray it as a discussion between the president and front line soldiers.

They would probably use actors if they could get away with it. Wag the dog, indeed.

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