Conservative Radio Host - Save the Rich First 

Neal Boortz, conservative radio talk show host said on his syndicated show that rich people should be saved first in the event of terror attacks or natural disasters. Poor people, in Boortz' opinion, are not worth saving. They are "undeducated", "can barely read", and "have children they can't afford".

Boortz is like the Fred Phelp's church members, extreme and vitriolic but speaks for many more people on the right who are afraid to voice their true opinions.

I have one question for Mr. Boortz: If you save the rich and let the poor perish, who is going to work in the factories for minimum wage? Who is going to cook and clean and pick up the trash of the elite? Who is going to buy the crap at Wal-Mart and keep this teetering economy going?

The gap between rich and poor is ever widening in this corporate dominated country and I know and work with many more poor people than I do rich. We may be getting closer and closer to a class revolution and the rich, while powerful by means of their money, are far outnumbered by the poor uneducated hardworking masses.

If their is a class war, my money is on the poor. I know all the conservative radio talk show hosts would be easy marks because of their poor physical condition, pale sensitive white skin and flabby asses.

The irony is that most of the local conservative talk show hosts make less than stellar incomes off of their shows. Some of them have resorted to begging to keep their alleged 100,000 hits per month websites functioning. Nearly all of them have to flack products or services to supplement their meager incomes.

My grandfather used to say, "If you want to live like a Republican, vote for a democrat". If you want to leave the poor to die in terrorist attacks and natural disasters, just keep voting republican. They are doing a bang up job already.

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