Dangerous Cult coming to OKC to Protest Baptist Church 

Fred Phelps and his inbred Westboro Baptist Church members who protest gay funerals, military funerals, Billy Graham and the Pope, and now fellow Baptist Churches are coming to Oklahoma City to make asses of themselves in front of the First Southern Baptist Church of Del City.

What have the members of SBC done to wrong God and Pastor Phelps?

One of it's members proposed legislation to make picketing a military funeral a crime.

For those of you unfamiliar with Fred, check out his Christian website, Godhatesfags.com.

From praising hurricanes Rita and Katrina, to celebrating soldier's deaths and the attacks on 9/11, Brother Phelps claims to be a representative of the one true God and preaches, what he claims are, Biblically accurate sermons.

Phelps represents the fringe of Christianity but some of the things he says are echoed by conservative christians in the mainstream.

One of the saddest pictures I have seen is the children of this "church" forced by their fucked up parents to wear shit like this:

While most conservatives didn't mind when Phelps was picketing gay funerals, when he started bring his vile sideshow to military funerals, they suddenly became justifiably outraged.

My conservative breathren and I don't agree on many things, but I think on this particular topic we have found some common ground...someone needs to kill this sick, sick fuck and the brainwashed cult members who do his bidding. I would at least like to see members of the First Baptist Church of Del City open a can of Old Testament, wrath of God style whoopass and baptise Fred and his followers with the fists of righteousness and maybe some two by fours of salvation.

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