I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member 

I have been kicked off many a conservative website. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I actually consider it a badge of honor in most circumstances.

There was the time I was kicked off Cam Edwards site for exposing his contributing poster as a liar. Accused of stalking and threatened with legal action, I was unceremoniously booted from being able to comment.

I understood.

I was kicked of Jim Traber's site at least 4 times (each time I was allowed to rejoin) for daring to criticize the mediocre baseball player turned mediocre talk show host.

I concurred.

Lately though, I have been booted for just politely disagreeing with conservatives or pointing out the failures of their beloved president.

It seems, much like the Bush administration, truth is no longer welcome on conservative websites. Dissention is not tolerated and opposing viewpoints are wiped away with the click of the administrators mouse.

The only person I every banned from my site used vulgar language...a lot, with no intelligence or humor.

There is a huge difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals welcome debate and conflicting viewpoints, Conservatives demand loyalty oaths, ban dissention, create free speech zones and have opponents arrested.

I invite any conservative to come and comment, argue, debate and root for their team. I welcome the give and take. I will still make fun of you and eviscerate your political ideals but that is what makes this enjoyable.

I wonder why conservatives are afraid to do the same?

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