Lies, damn lies and right wing pundits 

One meme the right wing propagandists are hitting hard is that Valerie Plame was a blatant publicity whore who flashed her CIA badge to anyone who looked her way. She, they argue, outed herself.

Larry Stein (aka the Weasel) was lying about this topic today as he made some part time money filling in for DaX Davis on WKY AM 960 (the 26th rated radio station in Oklahoma).

I called Stein up and told him he was lying, he went on and on about how he "read somewhere" that all of Plames neighbors knew who she was and that she appeared in Vanity Fair.

The lie that Plame's covert CIA status was well known among her neighbors has been repeated by all the big liars in the right wing propaganda machine. Limbaugh lies about it daily, Coulter screams the lies, adam's apple bobbing up and down furiously and some closet case from National Review named Byron York lies about it in print. Local AM hosts will, no doubt, continue to lie about it because most of their audience is too stupid to check for themselves.

By the way Larry, she appeared in Vanity Fair over a year after Scooter and Novak outed her. There is no reason to hide once your cover has been blown.

Here is the truth:

On Monday, two FBI agents combed the northwest Washington neighborhood where Wilson and Plame live, showing their badges and questioning neighbors about whether they knew Plame worked for the CIA before her employer was revealed by Novak in July 2003.

Critics of the leak investigation have said it was an open secret that Plame worked for the CIA; if many people knew that she worked for the agency, it would make prosecution under the 1982 law protecting covert agents nearly impossible.

But neighbors contacted by The Times said they told the FBI agents that they had no idea of her agency life, and that they knew her as a mother of twins who worked as an energy consultant.

The agents "made it clear they were part of the Fitzgerald investigation, and they were basically tying up loose ends," said David Tillotson, a lawyer and neighbor who was among those interviewed Monday.

I would invite any conservative to provide proof that Valerie Plame was known to be a CIA agent before Scooter and Novak outed her. In fact, if anyone can, former CIA agent Larry Johnson is offering a $5000 cash reward.

I know $5000 is nothing for Limbaugh, Coulter and York but a cheap punk state employee like Larry Stein could surely use a quick $5K. Just backup your bullshit Stein, or STFU.

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