PETA versus KFC 

A PETA protest was held outside an Oklahoma City KFC this week to protest the cruel ways chickens used by the company are raised and slaughtered.

The conservative media got hold of the story and, much like Protest Warrior, the Pro-War counter protest, Anti-Sheehan protestors, they decided to counter the PETA organization with their own petty and childish tactics. Right wingers thought it was funny eating chicken in front of them, callings them anti-Semitic and terrorists and encouraging some old rich bat to wear her fur coat to the protest.

See pics here.

I am not a vegetarian nor am I a member of PETA. I do, however, think that the animals we use for food in this country deserve to be raised in a humane environment and killed as painlessly and possible and should not be mutilated by machines, scalded alive, tortured by workers or kept in cages so small that the birds cannot move.

I had the opportunity to raise 8 chickens last year. Only 5 ultimately survived (lost 1 as a chick and 2 to predators). My chickens were like pets. They came when called, they were affectionate and surprisingly beautiful animals. They laid eggs which my family consumed (after getting used to the orange yolks which were indicative of the healthy lifestyle and good nutrition the chickens were receiving-something you will never see in mass produced large scale commercial farm eggs).

Healthier animals produce a healthier end product whether it be eggs, milk or meat. Family farmers know this and would never raise their animals in the conditions most of our livestock are now raised. Corporate farming has destroyed traditional methods and achieves it's main goal of producing the most product in the cheapest way possible by cramming animals together in unhealthy conditions, feeding them as cheaply as possible and loading them up with chemicals, anti-biotics and growth hormones.

The people who mock those PETA members seem to rejoice in the suffering of animals. The same actions that, if performed by an individual on a street, would warrant a call to the police, are laughed about by the right wing pro-torture(humans and animals) crowd.

KFC food is greasy, the pieces are small and the prices are high. Aside from the fact that they don't care enough about the animals that bring in tens of millions of dollars per year to their company, their crappy food is enough to make me boycott them.

If you can stomach it, watch the video that prompted the PETA protest. It was filmed at a KFC "Supplier of the Year" facility in Moorefield, West Virginia. It shows plant workers stomping, slamming chickens against floors and walls, twisting off their beaks, pulling off their heads and other depraved acts of cruelty.

Moorefield Video

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