Update from the other hurricane 

It doesn't seem like the mainstream media can let go of the Katrina damage, which was severe, long enough to cover the other hurricane that devasted southwest Louisiana. Little towns like Cameron, Creole, Moss Bluff, Holly Beach, Sweetlake, Grand Lake and many more were completely devastated by Rita.

All of my family evacuated before Rita hit. I finally spoke to my father and he said his house was damaged but repairable. My brother is in a similar situation. Others weren't so lucky. I have several family members in Cameron and Creole. All of their homes were completely destroyed. There is nothing left but slabs. My brother reports 99% of Creole and Cameron is gone. What few buildings survived, are barely standing with little more than part of roofs and framing members which are leaning precariously.

There are many people who evacuated here in Oklahoma. Many more are staying in hotels and motels across the country wondering when they will be let back in to see how their homes fared. They also wonder how long they can survive on limited funds.

My brother reports areas of Lake Charles are starting to get electricity back on. The smaller urban areas will wait weeks, months and possibly years to be restored.

Lifelong residents of the small coastal towns of Louisiana are wondering if rebuilding is feasible. Some have had their homes destroyed twice and many will not give another hurricane a chance to do it a third time.

One family's story: KPLC TV Lake Charles - Return to Cameron Parish

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