Why 2k? 

Today, the 2000th soldier died in Iraq. 2000 men and women, sons and daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers; dead and the question remains...Why?

President Bush took us to war with the fear of weapons of mass destruction. We where in "grave danger" we were repeatedly told of being the victims of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons being used on us by a vile dictactor intent on our destruction.

It turns out that information was a lie. A carefully orchestrated, well rehearsed, crafted and polished bold faced lie. Even staunch warmongers and conservative supporters now admit there were no WMD's.

The rationale for war has become an ever changing kaleidoscope of public relations trial balloons:

We will be greeted as liberators with flowers and candy thrown at our feet: 2000 dead and 14,000+ wounded soldiers would disagree.

Iraqi oil will pay for the reconstruction: 200 billion American deficit dollars and counting.

Overthrowing a genocidal dictator (a person the former Bush and Reagan administrations supported with cash, chemicals and kind words).

Planting the seeds of Democracy in the Middle East: Although the Democracy the Bush administration will settle for today is far removed from the idyllic picture that was painted of a flourishing American style government on the Euphrates.

Conservative pundits decry the acknowledgement of this latest morbid figure. In an ongoing effort to blunt any valid criticism of this president, they attack the messenger and childishly try to counter the negative with ad hominem attacks and foisting non-existent traits on their enemies. "Liberals rejoice in the dead" is the meme of the right wing talk show hosts. The only people I have seen or heard rejoice in death are the same people who now cast apersions on me. I do not rejoice in death. I grieve for the lives lost. The sacrifices made. The vanity of an unnecessary war.

Conservatives, it would appear, prefer to forget our war dead and wounded. They are only useful as backdrops when running for election or trying desperately to regain some popularity. The magnetic ribbons that adorn their cars is the closest most conservatives get to recognizing the sacrifice made by others. The stark horrific reality is something they would prefer to ignore. Why should the worry their "beautiful minds" about something so barbaric, tragic and horrifying.

I will recognize the sacrifice made by my fellow soldiers. Each life lost is precious to me if, for no other reason, than that I was once one of them. I took the oath, wore the uniform and was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if it was required.

All of our soldiers should be able to serve with the confidence that our leaders will not sacrifice them in vain. That every option will be explored, every avenue taken prior to war being waged.

This administration did not search for every alternative. They apparently did not seek any alternative. They decided on war and then justified that decision.


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