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Pity poor Cam Edwards. He quit his job as Oklahoma City's number one morning right wing conservative AM talk show host to move to the liberal Northeast and host a high tech/low budget internet infomercial funded by the National Rifle Association.

The show started with a big on-air staff of about 4 people. Soon it became apparent this was not a money making proposition for the NRA, so they cut the staff again and again until only Cam remains.

His website, which once boasted hundreds of readers and dozens of daily commentators has dwindled to a pathetic shell of it's former self. Cam can still count on about 4 hardcore readers who faithfully repeat the right wing talking points; as good puppets should. His most infamous and tenacious poster is Kevin Posey, a driving school owner from Norman, Oklahoma, who can be relied on to relentlessly attack anyone thought to be liberal or deviate from the party line. Kevin has run off the more intelligent posters and almost single handedly destroyed Cam's site.

Cam has been reduced to begging for donations to redesign his failing site. The response has been less than overwhelming. The few readers who responded at all appeared to make fun of the request. Some even solicited donations from Cam. Apparently the site is not as valuable a commodity as it's namesake owner thought.

Never one to ignore the plight of the needy, I pitched Cam a quarter via Paypal. I hope my donation helps the site make it through the coming dark days for the psycophantic brainwashed diehards who still blindly support Bush and his failing administration and policies.

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