...and now it's time to say goodbye 

I have two kids, a wife and a full time job and I am just to tired to put in a lot of effort on this blog right now so I am going to shut her down. Although I have 20 - 30 page views per day, no one is commenting and without comments, it just ain't much fun.

So, I hope you enjoyed it and I made you think or laugh or, if you are a conservative, made you angry. It was pretty fun sometimes but pure drudgery lately.

Thanks for the support. See you in the funny papers.

The Conservative Fighter



It sure makes my plastic Rudolph seem inadequate. 

You know how some people go way too far with Christmas lights? Imagine living across the street from this guy.

Video Link.


A day that will live in gluttony. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

One side of my family celebrated tonight and the other side will celebrate again tomorrow. We finally split up the in-law/birth family Thanksgiving celebration into two separate days. Instead of rushing around and not being able to enjoy our meal, we now stuff ourselves at two locations over a two day period. Life is good.

I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends, our great country in which we can still disagree without blowing each other up, my fellow soldiers who follow orders and do the best job they can in dangerous, dirty and thankless situations and I am thankful for the two greatest inventions of all time; hot water and air conditioning without which we would all be stinkier, dirtier and more irritable.

Pass the potatoes and pour on the gravy.



Jean Schmidt - I'll get you my pretty!!! 

I love this graphic.

Jean Schmidt, for those who don't know, is the witch who called multiply decorated Vietnam Veteran and career marine, Jack Murtha, a coward on the house floor before crapping her pants at the outraged response and doing a cowardly CYA retraction.

Anyhoo, big hat tip to Inflatable Dartboard who has some awesome original graphics on the site.


Another Liberal Whacko Endorses Withdrawal 

...Oh wait a minute, my mistake, he is a retired three star General and highly respected member of the intelligence community.

Lt. General William Odom refutes 9 reasons we should stay.

Oh, those crazy cowards who actually served in the military and have real world experience in war. Why oh why won't they listen to the guys who had "other priorities" during times of war?



Saturday Night Live 

The president is a buffoon and the cast at SNL continue to do spot on impressions of him and other republican idiots, like Jean Schmidt.



What is it with the Bush's and Asia? 

Remember when the original Bush went to Japan and did the technicolor yawn in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister?

Now Jr. is there and he doesn't look good. Too much sake? He looks like 10 pounds of hammered shit and he is slurring his words more than usual but in a rare press conference, Mr. Bush got flustered and tried to "cut and run" when asked some hard questions. When he tried to "escape", he retreated to a locked door and was temporarily stupefied. Fortunately someone came to his aid and directed him to the exit.

I love having a stooge for president.



Republicans Continue Their Faux Patriot Attacks 

But this time, the newly sacked Dems fight back.

Republican Jean "The C-Word" Schmidt call's decorated Vietnam Vet a "coward" but then "cuts and runs" when Democratic reps have a British commons style shit fit.


Watch the fear in their eyes as the Democrats charge the podium.



Congressman John Murtha - Unpatriotic Liberal Pansy 

John Murtha gave a speech today calling for our troops to be pulled out of Iraq soon.

How dare Congressman John Murtha criticize our fearless leader George Bush? As right wing talk show host start to beat up on Mr. Murtha, they are painting him as a coward, a quitter and someone willing to surrender to terrorists.

Who is this John Murtha? How dare he speak his mind? What makes him think he can second guess military decisions made by the Bush administration?

He learned about military service from the bottom up, beginning as a raw recruit when he left Washington and Jefferson College in 1952 to join the Marines out of a growing sense of obligation to his country during the Korean War. There he earned the American Spirit Honor Medal, awarded to fewer than one in 10,000 recruits. He rose through the ranks to become a drill instructor at Parris Island and was selected for Officer Candidate School at Quantico, Virginia. He then was assigned to the Second Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. In 1959, Captain Murtha took command of the 34th Special Infantry Company, Marine Corps Reserves, in Johnstown. He remained in the Reserves after his discharge from active duty until he volunteered for Vietnam in 1966-67, receiving the Bronze Star with Combat "V", two Purple Hearts and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He remained in the Reserves until his retirement.

He was awarded the Navy Distinguished Service Medal by the Marine Corps Commandant when he retired from the Marines.


Reviews of John "Jack" Murtha's Book:

"Congressman Murtha has written an insightful and powerful account of his life of public service and of the significant events in our nation's recent history that he has witnessed. It is a first hand account by one of the most respected members of our Congress. This is a must-read if you want to hear it straight from a savvy man of action who was there making history."

—General Anthony C. Zinni, USMC (Retired)

Every official serving in the Pentagon and State Department must read Jack Murtha's book. He has been a troubleshooter for presidents, a critic of the brass, but always a friend to the men and women of America's armed forces. Jack Murtha has earned his reputation — a straight-talking, hard-charging, independent leader who goes straight to the front lines. From Vietnam to 9/11 is his story, but it's pure American."

—Rudy de Leon, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense

Look at some of the nefarious characters who supported Hanoi Murtha-

What kind of country do we live in when some decorated career military man can make recommendations about what we should do with our military?

By the way, I would love to see some chickenhawk right wing radio talk show host challenge Mr. Murtha's patriotism to his face.



Ann Coulter - Would you hit dat? 

Check out this picture of Ann "The Man" Coulter. What is up with her freakishly long alien hands? This photo is from her website and has not been altered in any way.

Is she an alien? Is she the anti-Christ? Is she a transgendered person?

By the way, I wouldn't.


OU Fan 

Just found this photo and thought it was funny. Nothing to do with politics other than OU fans tend to act like right wingers. Anything to win. Bash the opponents. Not usually sharp dressers.


Okay, What do you guys want to talk about. 

I get about thirty unique users per day but no comments. If there is something you would like me to write about or find out about, let me know. I want this site to be a place where people come to debate the issues.

Please click on the advertiser links at the top so I can get rich and become a sociopathic right wing republican.



A good right wing home schooled Christian boy. 

David G. Ludwig


His website.

Her website.



Is Traber Italian for crybaby? 

Big Jim Traber, right wing tough guy, failed professional baseball player and talk show host on the 20th rated radio station in Oklahoma City is metaphorically taking his ball and going home.

In a post to his site, which has increasingly banned voices that oppose his right wing propaganda, Jim whines about how much he is attacked and promises to boot anyone who dissents:

I'm really tired of where this board is going. How many times can you say someone stinks at their job. How many lies can people tell about me and what I supposedly said. I want as many people on here as we can get, but the direction of the threads are making me sick. 99% of you are great. I'm getting ready to eliminate the other 1%. As far as those of you who like to take shots at me for the way I run this board or the way I post..... Don't come here, we'll make it without you. I don't type very well, so I don't post long answers. If you have a problem with me, call my show, or better yet, come see me in person. But let's stop acting like 4 year olds. I didn't have this idea to start this site for that. Thank You!!!!

Like many right wingers, Traber is starting to feel some heat for all of his lies and blind Bush backing and like all blowhards and bullies, he runs away when people begin to fight back.

With Bush at a 36% approval rating and a majority of Americans now believing Bush is a liar, right wing media is seeing falling ratings and increased dissent among it's callers. But just like the Bush cabal, they shut off dissent by banning anyone who disagrees with them. In the end they create an insulated world far removed from truth in which their delusions continue unchallenged.

Good luck with that strategy Big Jim.


White Noise 

A peace group in Maine has the rightwing bloggers demanding an end to free speech and peaceable protest. The right wing propaganda, which is gaining ground in the republican echo chamber (here, here, here and here) is filled with half truths, slander and outright lies.

The most factual account can be found here.

I spoke to, Arne Springorum, one of the organizers of the memorial (he wanted me to be clear that the flags are a memorial, not a protest) and got some clarification that you won't find on the right wing sites.

The memorial was decided on after the grim milestone of 2000 military deaths in Iraq was reached. The city of Waterville was asked for a permit, which it granted, to use Veterans Memorial Park, a publicly owned property, for the memorial. The white flags were chosen to represent peace and also to emulate military graveyards in Germany, France and the United States which honor US soldiers where the grave markers are always white. I specifically asked Mr. Springorum is he or his group intended to symbolize surrender with the use of the white markers. He stated categorically that was not the group's intention.

The group, Bridges for Peace, attempted to arrange a meeting with veterans groups to work together on an appropriate memorial. The local VFW agreed to meet with the group but not until the 7th of November, weeks after the memorial was scheduled to go up. Bridges to Peace decided to go ahead with their schedule and to seek the VFW's input later.

The goal of the group, according to Springorum, was to memorialize the soldiers and civilians who had lost their lives in the Iraq war. It had nothing to do with Veterans Day, another false claim by the right wing pundits. The memorial has actually been up for nearly two weeks prior to Veterans Day. The fact that Veterans day happened within a few weeks of the 2000th soldier dying in Iraq was just an unfortunate coincidence according to Springorum. They did not intend for the memorial to become a publicity stunt on Veterans day. The only reason it achieved national attention was because of the actions of the VFW members who broke the law and were subsequently arrested.

Right wing bloggers have claimed the group desecrated a cemetary and have dishonered the soldiers buried there. As to the claims that the park is a cemetery, there is some truth to that. The ground was once a military cemetery but the graves and remains were removed decades ago to another location. The ground is now a park with memorial statues to soldiers from the civil war, WWI , WWII, Korea and Vietnam. It is not now a graveyard or cemetery contrary to claims of some bloggers. It honors those who have died in the service of this country. The same thing Bridges for Peace claim they intend.

There is some controversy as to whether or not the permit allows the markers to remain in place beyond the "first snow". Mr. Springorum stated that the permit did call for the memorial to be removed after the first snow but the reason was not an arbitrary time constraint based on something as arguable as what constitutes snowfall, but a safety and respect issue. The snow in Maine can easily cover the 6" to 12" markers and it is at that time that the memorial would be removed. The removal would be to keep the snow from covering the markers and showing disrespect to those they represented, Mr. Springorum explained. The markers are also near a road and path which could cause people to trip over them if they were covered by snow.

There was a dusting of snow in Waterville last Wednesday, it melted in about an hour.

As to the arrest of the veterans who removed the markers, the peace group had little to do with that. The VFW members made it clear in press releases and statements to the police chief and mayor that they would violate the law and remove the markers if the memorial was still up on Veterans day. They even contacted the media to make sure they would be photographed while they vandalized the memorial. They succeeded in getting more attention to the memorial than the prior two weeks of silent contemplation by Bridges for Peace had.

According to Mr. Springorum, the damaging and removal of the group's markers and signs was a routine occurrence. The group has had to replace over 200 of the white markers since the memorial has been erected. "Some of the flags were stepped on and crushed down into the mud," said Mr. Springorum, their first two signs with the numbers of military and civilian dead in Iraq were stolen. Apparently, right wingers vandalizing, stealing and destroying their opponents legally placed property is an acceptable method of protest.

The peace group hopes to reach out to the veterans who are upset by their memorial. They have an open invitation to anyone from the VFW group to meet with them and discuss possible alternatives and an acceptable compromise. So far they are still waiting.


Mega Dittos 

Rush Limbaugh animation and song. I think someone used his actual words to beat the crap out of him. You know the cut and paste editing that he is so fond of.

I'm a Nazi


Veterans Day is Over 

Unlike you, I will not use a day set aside for veterans to further my political agenda. Yesterday was Veterans day. Today is not.

Mr. Bush, I am sick and tired of you crawling onto the bodies of dead people like some sort of carrion parasite to further your political agenda.

You did it at the World Trade Towers rubble. You walked on the ripped flesh and mangled corpses of those you failed to protect and then used their still decomposing cadavers to further your pre-planned strategy for war. You literally used the bodies as a platform to bamboozle the American public into an unneeded war in Iraq. By the way, you still haven't gotten the man responsible for planning and financing the attacks of 9/11, but hey, it has only been 1517 days since you said you would get Osama Bin Laden (You remember Osama don't you?), dead or alive.

You did it yesterday to the 623,000 dead service men and women who sacrificed their lives for the greater good (a patriotic philosophy which somehow escaped your little punk AWOL ass) and used their deaths to further your failed political agenda. You used the 2062 (as of right now) dead service men and women killed in Iraq, deaths you ordered - You; not the democrats, not the liberals, not the left wing, YOU - to attack those who oppose you and your war (now an overwhelming majority of Americans by the way).

Your whole life has been built around taking advantage of those who take the risks, make the sacrifices and pay the price for your arrogance, cowardice and impotence. You had the nerve to play dress up soldier twice in your life, once in the 70's when you "joined" the "champagne" unit in the Texas Air National Guard with no intent of ever risking your prep-school ass and once again when you strutted on the deck of an aircraft carrier with a banner screaming "Mission Accomplished" behind you. You knew there was nothing required of you personally in both instances. You used other's sacrifices to feed your ravenous ego and to portray yourself as something you can never be.

I served my country, I oppose you and this war and have from the beginning. I take great offense at what you did yesterday in the names of my fallen brothers and sisters. Unlike you, I honored their sacrifice on their day. I didn't use it to try to score political points.

Veterans day is over and, hopefully, so is your power to use and abuse the dead for your political gain. That stink is not the deceased you have repeatedly used as props for your neo-con agenda, it is your presidency; rotten, putrid, decaying and soon to be buried by the dust of your failures.



Veterans Remembered 

I don't think it is appropriate to say happy Veterans day and I don't think it is appropriate to make this day of remembrance and sacrifice another political platform or debate topic.

To my brothers and sisters who took the oath, donned the uniform and gave up some of their liberties to insure that others would live free, thank you.

A salute to Veterans.



Republicans, want to lose? Have Bush endorse you. 

...and it cost him the job

Two States. Republicans Lose. Democrats Elected. Bush owned.

A preview to the 2006 elections?


Alan Skorski is a big fat liar 

In a weak attempt to cash in on New York Times bestselling author and radio talk show host Al Franken's success, right wing loser Alan Skorski has fired off a poorly written and factually challenged slander piece called "Pants on Fire How Al Franken lies, smears and decieves".

Skorski, a failed congressional wannabe, candy salesman and borderline retard somehow wrote a 332 page book and has so far failed to point out one instance in which Al Franken lied, smeared or decieved anyone. He had his shot on Tucker Carlsons low rated show, The Situation, but his two examples of Franken lying turned out to be...lies.

Mediamatters.org has, rather easily, deconstructed Skorski's two big allegations against Franken. In the first he accuses Franken of lying about Bill O'Reilly's claim of winning a Peabody award when he hosted the television show "Inside Edition" the only problem is that there is repeated documented evidence of O'Reilly claiming just that. He didn't and then changed his story after Franken pointed out what a liar he was.

His second claim is that Franken lied when he called Rush Limbaugh a liar for stating that the majority of minimum wage earners were teenagers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps records of this type of thing and it is pretty easily researched. Franken did and pointed out only 24.8% of minimum wage earners were between the ages of 16-19 (i.e. teenagers). The majority of minimum wage earners are 20 years old and older. Another Skorski lie.

Here is Mr. Skorskie poorly written, lie filled blog. Read some of the comments, they are hillarious and scathing. Here is mine:

Your website is on blogger.com, you must be raking it in.

Here is some truth for ya:

I found your archived webpage when you tried (unsuccesfully) to run for congress ($24,000 in total contributions and out before the republican primary). Your webpage is filled with grammatical and punctuation errors.

Your accomplishments were quite impressive: "Alan's journey through life has included such rewarding work as an emergency room volunteer and an elementary school aid."

Wow, good thing you went to college for a while.

Alan's life, like all good right wing chickenhawks did not include military service.

I can assume since you mention attending college but not graduating or listing a degree in anything, you are a high school graduate with some college.

Why didn't you mention your vocation as a candy and snack vending machine operator instead of the less specific "small business owner".

Your two alleged big lies brought to Tucker Carlson have already been proven false (www.mediamatters.org) .

You sir, are an idiot attempting to cash in on Al Franken's good fortune.

Good luck with your book, you'll need it.

Is the right wing so hard up for liars that Alan Skorski is the best they can do. No wonder Bush is at a 36% approval rating.


A Salute to Gay Veterans and Service Members 

I love to hear a chickenhawk right winger who never had the guts to serve in the military spout his homophobic opinions about gay people in the service. "I wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with one," they say, as they bravely put yet another ribbon magnet on their vehicle. It is pretty obvious, Mr. Chickenhawk that you don't want to be in a foxhole...period. Not with a mouse, not in a house, not here or there not anywhere. The gay thing is just another excuse for your cowardice. It's a good thing the estimated 1,000,000 gay and lesbian veterans served proudly but discreetly or some of those same chickenhawks might have had to suit up.

A recent study estimates there are 65,000 active duty gay service men and women. They still serve under a restrictive "don't ask, don't tell" policy under which they are allowed to join but could be discharged at any time if their sexual orientation is made public.

While working in Iraq, I never heard a soldier mention a fear of homosexuals. I heard complaints about food, accommodations, lack of phones, heat, cold, lack of showers, bad leadership, and various other common criticisms. There were several soldiers who appeared to be gay who did their jobs without problems. Officers and enlisted. I don't think homosexuality is a top ten concern of those serving. I think coming home alive and in one piece is and if your buddy is willing to put his or her life on the line for you and can do the job for which they were trained, then who cares what their sexuality is.

A group of gay service members are suing the U. S. Government over the current policy. I hope these brave men and women win this war, they have served this country bravely and deserve recognition for their sacrifice.


Tax and Spend beats Spend and Spend 

George W. Bush, the right wing savior, contrary to a core pillar of conservatism is presiding and encouraging the largest deficit in the history of our country. Conservatives love to throw around the tired old "tax and spend" label on Democrats but it is the last 3 conservative republican administrations who have failed to balance budgets, preside over increased government growth and deficit spending.

Can you remember the last president that balanced the budget and banked a record surplus (a surplus for those who don't know is when a person or entity takes in more money than they spend thereby saving money for, oh I don't know, disasters and stuff like that)?

Answer: William Jefferson Clinton aka The Clenis

A new study using US Treasury Department figures claims that under George W. Bush's leadership, in less than five years, the US has borrowed more money than the previous 42 presidents did over 224 years combined.

All of the money borrowed since our country was founded equals 1.01 trillion dollars but Bush has managed to mortgage the future of our children to countries like China to the tune of 1.05 trillion dollars.

Fiscal conservatism is an oxymoron. Bush is just a regular moron. Our country, under just five years of conservative rule is bankrupt.

Article here.



Tasers on Stun 

Sometimes people with strong political opinions are pigeonholed as liberal or conservative. Most people are neither exclusively but it is an easy way to reject, out of hand, valid criticism.

I have many liberal views but also a few conservative ones. An excellent book on the subject is by Ted Rall called "Wake Up, You're a liberal". It is an excellent look at how most Americans are truly liberal in most of their political philosophies and it is the right wing which has, pretty successfully, convinced many Americans that they aren't.

Anyway, my point is I have some pretty (traditionally) conservative viewpoints and I would like bring some of them up.

I am pro-cop. I believe the majority of law enforcement officers do their jobs everyday in very tough situations and do so honestly and within the parameters of our laws and constitution. There are some bad cops just as there are some bad doctors, plumbers and teachers. Bad cops should be held accountable, fired, prosecuted, publicly humiliated and sued. There is no reason to tolerate illegal or abusive behavior from people with so much power over free citizens.

With that being said, there is quite a bit of controversy and some demonization of a tool beginning to be used by law enforcement. That tool is the taser.

An electroshock gun (sometimes referred to as a stun gun or taser), is a weapon used for subduing a person by administering a deliberate electric shock.

It is described as non-lethal (officially "less-lethal", meaning it is not intended to kill, and usually does not kill, but does on rare occasions). It is a weapon used by police officers and army personnel, although it is also used by non-army personnel for self-defense. It sends an electric current through a person at a level that is less than fatal but still severe enough to incapacitate them, and is not meant to do any permanent damage to a person, only to stun them tempor

Tasers are a tool used by law enforcement and demonized by some on the left. This is one subject on which I disagree with some on my political side.

I have watched many videos of people being tasered and all of the ones I have seen were legally justified uses of the taser. The subject being stunned is usually given repeated warnings, is actively resisting arrest and without the taser, the officer would be forced to either use hand to hand combat, pepper spray, baton or escalate up to lethal force.

Anytime a person resists the lawful orders of an officer, they force the escalation of force. The person being arrested dictates the amount of force used against them. All police departments have a use of force policy which dictates the type of force to be used and when to use it.

Here is a video of a person being tasered who absolutely brought it upon himself. He is abusive to the officer, intoxicated, physically resists and ignored repeated warnings by the officer. This person was also trying to return to his vehicle to leave the scene, putting others in danger or to retrieve a hidden weapon to use against the officer. This is an absolutely correct use of force by the officer.

The next video shows a bad officer. This female Las Vegas officer is holding a suspect at gunpoint while her partner handcuffs the suspect. This is a perfect example of poor training, incompetence and or plain stupidity. This officer reminds me a lot of someone I used to work with. A lot.

There have been 8 deaths alleged to have been caused by tasers but there have also been a significant reduction in officer involved shootings in cities that have adopted the taser as part of their less than lethal arsenal.

The most important thing for people to remember when dealing with a law enforcement officer is to comply, comply, comply. Yes sir. No sir. Mother may I. Defer to the officer even if you believe he or she is in the wrong. You can always fight it legally later.

Chris Rock made a great public service video called "How to not get your ass kicked by the police". Watch it, learn it, live it and save yourself a beating.



A Brief Look at Conservative Overreaction 

Conservatives are like banty roosters who can't wait to crow. They are easily tricked and fooled by anything that appears to be the rising sun(i.e. flashlights, matches, fireflies, WMD's etc.) and will crow their little fool heads off to bring attention to themselves and their cause.

Here are just two quick examples from my favorite right wing website, camedwards.com.

In the first, we see an overreaction to a ruling by the 9th circuit court of appeals in which the ruling by the court reads in part:

...there is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children, either independent of their right to direct the upbringing and education of their children or encompassed by it. We also hold that parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed while enrolled as students.

Now Cam Edwards, banty little rooster that he is immediately starts crowing:

Really? I, as a parent, have no right to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters?

I'm so angry by this decision I can't even think right now. I'll have more on this later.

I will say this. I'm not a subject. I'm a citizen.

The only problem, Cam did something conservatives love to accuse liberals of; he reacted with his heart and not his intellect. A later comment on the subject by a logical reader states:

Yes, Cam, no exclusive right. Just as there's no exclusive right to tell your kids about, oh, gun control, or chemistry, or Intelligent Design vs ... well, whatever it is it's supposed to be versus, since it's not actually in conflict with Darwin. What's more, there's no exclusive right for you to tell your kids about the multiplication tables, the War of 1812, or whether or not a split infinitive is good English.

Now, you do have the right to take your kids out of any school that insists on teaching that sex happens, the Second Amendment is an individual right, or that "to boldly go" is as good as "boldly to go". But you still don't have an exclusive right to be the only one to tell them about those things.

In other words, take a couple of deep breaths, walk around the block, and get over it.

Cam thinks about the subject instead of just reacting to it and then:

I guess you could argue that with compulsory education laws, parents lost the right to decide how to best educate their children.
I'm not as angry about this decision as I was when I first heard about it. A lot of attorneys say federal court was not the proper jurisdiction for this suit to begin with, and that legally speaking the 9th circuit probably ruled correctly.

Just like all good conservatives, he does not alter his original post to reflect the truth and only admits after being shown logical evidence that his original thesis is incorrect.

He does not change the post to reflect his change of heart though and a casual reader will come away with a ridiculous ruling by the "Ninth Circus" court which will allow teachers to demonstrate live sex acts to your kindergardener.

In the post immediately following this one, Cam, apparently not one to learn from past mistakes, reports:
A 5-year old boy in Tulsa was forced to strip down to his underwear for a day because he dared wear a Halloween costume to school.
A Tulsa parent is outraged over how her child was disciplined at school for wearing a costume.
Crystal Harris says her 5-year old son was forced to take off his costume, and go through the entire school day with only his underwear on.
The incident happened Monday at Walt Disney Elementary.
School officials acknowledge they have a policy that forbids costumes, and that's why the teacher did what she did.
They say they've have apologized to the family.
Harris says however the teacher should be disciplined for embarassing her son.

Disciplined? I'm thinking charged.



Apparently not to conservative bloggers and readers.

The only problem? It is not true.

A little googling and research results in this:

Setting the story straight

An erroneous report has been posted on its website by KJRH. The story says that a Tulsa Public Schools teacher “disciplined” a 5-year-old student by forcing him to take off his Halloween costume “and go through the entire school day with only his underwear on.”

The first serious error is that the child was being “disciplined.” Dress code infractions are handled through corrective action. In this specific instance the child was offered the opportunity to have his parents called to go home to change. He said he could take the costume off. He was specifically asked if he was wearing clothes on underneath the costume and he replied, “yes.” When he took off the costume he was wearing a tee-shirt that went below his waist and blue patterned pants that appeared to be jogging pants. He went through the school day without incident.

The implication from the KJRH story is that he was wearing brief or jockey-short-style underwear that should have been recognized as underwear. That is not the case. The pants in question closely resembled other childhood attire. Plus, the child wore a tee-shirt.

Disney Elementary School prohibits the wearing of Halloween costumes to school for two reasons: safety and classroom distraction. Costumes, many of which are long and flowing, are a hazard on the playground. Costumes in the classroom are a distraction from the positive learning atmosphere TPS schools maintain.

Of more than 800 students at Disney Elementary, this was the only child who showed up for classes on Monday wearing a costume. Parents and students had been informed earlier by posters of the prohibition on wearing costumes.

From www.tulsaschools.org

No retraction from Cam. No apology for defaming the teacher and school. In fact, many of his longtime posters attack the truth and the messenger, another tactic of the banty rooster right.



The Mother of Invention 

I have been criticized for being hateful and not having any fun here. While the primary goal of this site is to criticize conservatives, I like to have fun occasionally.

Here ya go Big Unit.

Probably a hurricane victim ignored by the conservative republican administration.

Doh! Couldn't help myself.


My eyes must certainly be deceiving me. You look fabulous... 

Former (but still taxpayer compensated) FEMA director Michael Brown was more worried about how he looked on TV than organizing a cohesive rescue effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

An investigation into wasteful spending and dubious contracts undertaken by congress exposed e-mails between Brown and his staff.

In dialogue that looks like it came from the makeup trailer at the Tony awards, Brown repeatedly asked how he looked, bragged about shopping at Nordstroms and claimed to be a "fashion God".

Why are we still paying this jerk $185,000?


How low can he go? 

Bush at 35% approval rating.

Cheney at 19% approval rating.

Looks like the American public is finally getting it.

Right wingnuts still don't.



Democrats Get a Sack and Start to Attack 

Senatator Harry Reid called a rare secret session for the Senate today to demand answers for the lies, deceptions and criminal acts perpetrated by the Bush administration in regards to the Iraq war and the CIA outing of Valerie Plame.

Senators Frist and Reid cried like little babies about not being informed in advance of the Democrat's decision to initiate Senate rule 21. The rule closed the senate and activated a private and secret meeting wherein the Republicans where forced to finally listen to the Democrat's demands for information. Here is a list of the various Democratic questions about Iraq and pre-war intelligence that have been ignored, rebuffed or forgotten about by Republicans.

This is the most deceptive and secretive administration in the history of this country and, until now, no one has had the backbone to call them on their manipulation and dishonesty. I am glad some Democratic senators finally grew a pair.

It's about time boys, welcome to the fight.

Senator Reid's Statement.

Facts on Closed Senate Session from Harry Reid's office.


Matt Drudge - Over Easy 

Right wing gossip columnist and radio show talk show host Matt Drudge has long been rumored to be gay but it has recently come to light that he may have some interesting, and not very christian conservative-like, fetishes.

Does Matt Drudge like to have sex with men covered in eggs?

Gives new meaning to the word "Breaking" which is often used on Matt's site.

I have said it before and I will say it again, conservatives are some freaky pervs. All that repression, I guess.


Bush's gets on his knees 

As a symbolic BJ to right wing conservative christians, George W. (Not guided by public opinion polls) Bush threw a new judge into the running for associate justice to the Supreme Court. The Liehouse announced Monday that Judge Samuel Anthony Alito Jr.would be their new choice for the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor.

Alito, or Scalito as he has been called in reference to his judicial similarity to Justice Antony Scalia, according to many is an extreme conservative who has voted against abortion rights and has sided with machine gun owners in his previous decisions.

Reporter John Roberts got into a little hot water when he asked if Judge Alito was "sloppy seconds" since Bush had previously declared failed nominee Harriet Miers the best candidate for the job.

Goodbye Roe v Wade. Hello back alley abortions. But hey, machine guns for everyone!


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