Alan Skorski is a big fat liar 

In a weak attempt to cash in on New York Times bestselling author and radio talk show host Al Franken's success, right wing loser Alan Skorski has fired off a poorly written and factually challenged slander piece called "Pants on Fire How Al Franken lies, smears and decieves".

Skorski, a failed congressional wannabe, candy salesman and borderline retard somehow wrote a 332 page book and has so far failed to point out one instance in which Al Franken lied, smeared or decieved anyone. He had his shot on Tucker Carlsons low rated show, The Situation, but his two examples of Franken lying turned out to be...lies.

Mediamatters.org has, rather easily, deconstructed Skorski's two big allegations against Franken. In the first he accuses Franken of lying about Bill O'Reilly's claim of winning a Peabody award when he hosted the television show "Inside Edition" the only problem is that there is repeated documented evidence of O'Reilly claiming just that. He didn't and then changed his story after Franken pointed out what a liar he was.

His second claim is that Franken lied when he called Rush Limbaugh a liar for stating that the majority of minimum wage earners were teenagers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps records of this type of thing and it is pretty easily researched. Franken did and pointed out only 24.8% of minimum wage earners were between the ages of 16-19 (i.e. teenagers). The majority of minimum wage earners are 20 years old and older. Another Skorski lie.

Here is Mr. Skorskie poorly written, lie filled blog. Read some of the comments, they are hillarious and scathing. Here is mine:

Your website is on blogger.com, you must be raking it in.

Here is some truth for ya:

I found your archived webpage when you tried (unsuccesfully) to run for congress ($24,000 in total contributions and out before the republican primary). Your webpage is filled with grammatical and punctuation errors.

Your accomplishments were quite impressive: "Alan's journey through life has included such rewarding work as an emergency room volunteer and an elementary school aid."

Wow, good thing you went to college for a while.

Alan's life, like all good right wing chickenhawks did not include military service.

I can assume since you mention attending college but not graduating or listing a degree in anything, you are a high school graduate with some college.

Why didn't you mention your vocation as a candy and snack vending machine operator instead of the less specific "small business owner".

Your two alleged big lies brought to Tucker Carlson have already been proven false (www.mediamatters.org) .

You sir, are an idiot attempting to cash in on Al Franken's good fortune.

Good luck with your book, you'll need it.

Is the right wing so hard up for liars that Alan Skorski is the best they can do. No wonder Bush is at a 36% approval rating.


Quoting from your post:

Franken did and pointed out only 24.8% of minimum wage earners were between the ages of 16-19 (i.e. teenagers). The majority of minimum wage earners are 20 years old and older.

How did you glean a number for those between ages 16 & 19?

From the statistics you have linked to, I see figures for all who are paid hourly with breakouts for those between 16 and 24 and those 25 and older. Where did you find figures for those 16 to 19?

For you to be taken seriously, you must tell us how you came up with figures for those between 16 and 19 and for those 20 and older. The world awaits.
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