Bush's gets on his knees 

As a symbolic BJ to right wing conservative christians, George W. (Not guided by public opinion polls) Bush threw a new judge into the running for associate justice to the Supreme Court. The Liehouse announced Monday that Judge Samuel Anthony Alito Jr.would be their new choice for the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor.

Alito, or Scalito as he has been called in reference to his judicial similarity to Justice Antony Scalia, according to many is an extreme conservative who has voted against abortion rights and has sided with machine gun owners in his previous decisions.

Reporter John Roberts got into a little hot water when he asked if Judge Alito was "sloppy seconds" since Bush had previously declared failed nominee Harriet Miers the best candidate for the job.

Goodbye Roe v Wade. Hello back alley abortions. But hey, machine guns for everyone!

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