Democrats Get a Sack and Start to Attack 

Senatator Harry Reid called a rare secret session for the Senate today to demand answers for the lies, deceptions and criminal acts perpetrated by the Bush administration in regards to the Iraq war and the CIA outing of Valerie Plame.

Senators Frist and Reid cried like little babies about not being informed in advance of the Democrat's decision to initiate Senate rule 21. The rule closed the senate and activated a private and secret meeting wherein the Republicans where forced to finally listen to the Democrat's demands for information. Here is a list of the various Democratic questions about Iraq and pre-war intelligence that have been ignored, rebuffed or forgotten about by Republicans.

This is the most deceptive and secretive administration in the history of this country and, until now, no one has had the backbone to call them on their manipulation and dishonesty. I am glad some Democratic senators finally grew a pair.

It's about time boys, welcome to the fight.

Senator Reid's Statement.

Facts on Closed Senate Session from Harry Reid's office.

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