Is Traber Italian for crybaby? 

Big Jim Traber, right wing tough guy, failed professional baseball player and talk show host on the 20th rated radio station in Oklahoma City is metaphorically taking his ball and going home.

In a post to his site, which has increasingly banned voices that oppose his right wing propaganda, Jim whines about how much he is attacked and promises to boot anyone who dissents:

I'm really tired of where this board is going. How many times can you say someone stinks at their job. How many lies can people tell about me and what I supposedly said. I want as many people on here as we can get, but the direction of the threads are making me sick. 99% of you are great. I'm getting ready to eliminate the other 1%. As far as those of you who like to take shots at me for the way I run this board or the way I post..... Don't come here, we'll make it without you. I don't type very well, so I don't post long answers. If you have a problem with me, call my show, or better yet, come see me in person. But let's stop acting like 4 year olds. I didn't have this idea to start this site for that. Thank You!!!!

Like many right wingers, Traber is starting to feel some heat for all of his lies and blind Bush backing and like all blowhards and bullies, he runs away when people begin to fight back.

With Bush at a 36% approval rating and a majority of Americans now believing Bush is a liar, right wing media is seeing falling ratings and increased dissent among it's callers. But just like the Bush cabal, they shut off dissent by banning anyone who disagrees with them. In the end they create an insulated world far removed from truth in which their delusions continue unchallenged.

Good luck with that strategy Big Jim.

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