Tax and Spend beats Spend and Spend 

George W. Bush, the right wing savior, contrary to a core pillar of conservatism is presiding and encouraging the largest deficit in the history of our country. Conservatives love to throw around the tired old "tax and spend" label on Democrats but it is the last 3 conservative republican administrations who have failed to balance budgets, preside over increased government growth and deficit spending.

Can you remember the last president that balanced the budget and banked a record surplus (a surplus for those who don't know is when a person or entity takes in more money than they spend thereby saving money for, oh I don't know, disasters and stuff like that)?

Answer: William Jefferson Clinton aka The Clenis

A new study using US Treasury Department figures claims that under George W. Bush's leadership, in less than five years, the US has borrowed more money than the previous 42 presidents did over 224 years combined.

All of the money borrowed since our country was founded equals 1.01 trillion dollars but Bush has managed to mortgage the future of our children to countries like China to the tune of 1.05 trillion dollars.

Fiscal conservatism is an oxymoron. Bush is just a regular moron. Our country, under just five years of conservative rule is bankrupt.

Article here.

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