Veterans Day is Over 

Unlike you, I will not use a day set aside for veterans to further my political agenda. Yesterday was Veterans day. Today is not.

Mr. Bush, I am sick and tired of you crawling onto the bodies of dead people like some sort of carrion parasite to further your political agenda.

You did it at the World Trade Towers rubble. You walked on the ripped flesh and mangled corpses of those you failed to protect and then used their still decomposing cadavers to further your pre-planned strategy for war. You literally used the bodies as a platform to bamboozle the American public into an unneeded war in Iraq. By the way, you still haven't gotten the man responsible for planning and financing the attacks of 9/11, but hey, it has only been 1517 days since you said you would get Osama Bin Laden (You remember Osama don't you?), dead or alive.

You did it yesterday to the 623,000 dead service men and women who sacrificed their lives for the greater good (a patriotic philosophy which somehow escaped your little punk AWOL ass) and used their deaths to further your failed political agenda. You used the 2062 (as of right now) dead service men and women killed in Iraq, deaths you ordered - You; not the democrats, not the liberals, not the left wing, YOU - to attack those who oppose you and your war (now an overwhelming majority of Americans by the way).

Your whole life has been built around taking advantage of those who take the risks, make the sacrifices and pay the price for your arrogance, cowardice and impotence. You had the nerve to play dress up soldier twice in your life, once in the 70's when you "joined" the "champagne" unit in the Texas Air National Guard with no intent of ever risking your prep-school ass and once again when you strutted on the deck of an aircraft carrier with a banner screaming "Mission Accomplished" behind you. You knew there was nothing required of you personally in both instances. You used other's sacrifices to feed your ravenous ego and to portray yourself as something you can never be.

I served my country, I oppose you and this war and have from the beginning. I take great offense at what you did yesterday in the names of my fallen brothers and sisters. Unlike you, I honored their sacrifice on their day. I didn't use it to try to score political points.

Veterans day is over and, hopefully, so is your power to use and abuse the dead for your political gain. That stink is not the deceased you have repeatedly used as props for your neo-con agenda, it is your presidency; rotten, putrid, decaying and soon to be buried by the dust of your failures.

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