Back to Iraq 

Well, I am going back to Iraq in about 3 weeks. I will go over there and do my best to make the lives of the soldiers and civilians working there under dangerous and uncomfortable circumstances a little better. You would be surprised at the effect a warm shower or a working toilet has on the morale of the soldiers.

There are many people, especially conservatives, who have called me a war profiteer or a hypocrite for working in Iraq. I can't really explain my reasons for wanting to go back. Part of it is financial, part of it is a feeling of not completing my first obligation of one year.

The money is good but it is not much more than I would make here if you break it down to an hourly rate. The work week is 7 days, 12 hours per day unless things go wrong then you work until the work is completed. 84 hours a week minimum. 7 days a week in a hostile environment that is sometimes too cold, often too hot and always dirty and polluted.

I feel a need to go back that I can't explain. It has little to do with money. It is almost a feeling of service to the soldiers. Doing something tangible to make their lives better. Anyone can slap a $2 magnet on their car and say they support the troops but I believe deeds speak louder than words and the person who risks nothing has nothing to lose...or gain.

It is also a slap in the face to the chickenhawk conservatives; some unhealthy need to prove myself to the same idiots I can't stand. Call me an unpatriotic coward will you? I was there, where you? Even though I know nothing I do will ever satisfy the right wing whacko superiority complex (Kerry served in Vietnam but he is a coward, Bush drank and coked it up in the TANG and he is a hero) but it is more for me than them anyway.

I hope to make it back safely and in one piece. I hope my family will forgive my selfish need. I hope to make people's lives better over there, whether they be soldier, civilian or Iraqi and I hope beyond hope that what we do there now will ultimately have a positive outcome.

In closing, here is a picture of me from my last adventure posing with some soldiers we helped with some much needed supplies for their remote camp. You can tell I hate the troops can't you?

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